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Research Interest

1- Synthesis and structure of new organic inclusion compounds (host-guest chemistry) Chemical X-ray crystallography and their uses as adsorbent to remove waste materials in water.
2- Synthesis of polymer blends physical and solution propert

Published Research

, Observation on symmetry properties of Sodium Zinc(II)-2,9,16,23-phthalocyanine. Tetracarboxylate in water: NaOH solution. Journal : Journal of Fluorescence. , Volume : vol.24, pp 835-839, 2014 Publisher : , 2014
Decontamination and Adsorption Modelling of Aqueous Co+2 and Pb+2 Ions Using Natural Inorganic Materials: Tripoli (NT) and Bentonite (NB). Journal : Desalination and Water Treatment, , Volume : vol.24, 1- 8 Publisher : , 2010


General Chemistry
First Year
Physical Chemistry 1 (chem.341). Physical Chemistry 2 (chem.342).
Second Year
Physical Chemistry Lab. (chem.343).
Third Year
General Chemistry Lab. (chem.105&106).
First Year
Introduction to Polymer Chemistry (chem.351).
Third Year
Chemical Literature (chem.391).
Third Year
Physical Chemistry 3, quantum chemistry (chem.441).
Fourth Year
Special Topic in physical Chemistry (Chemistry 442)
Fourth Year
Polymer Chemistry, (chem.551). (Graduate course).
Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy (Chem.741). (Graduate course).

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