MUTAH University
Achievement NameResearch TitleAuthorsAwarded byYear
Achievement NameResearch TitleAuthorsAwarded byYear
Three months guest visit grant from Deutsche Forchungsgeinschaft German Research Foundation (DFG) to Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.Universal Antenna with A Small Non-ground Portion for Smartphone ApplicationsS. S. Alja’afreh, A. Khafalla and A. Omar DFG2018
Best Non-student paper prize (3rd place) in LAPC2016 Conference (14th-15th November 2016),A MIMO Antenna System of a Compact 4-Element PILA for 4G Handset ApplicationsS. S. Alja’afreh,Y. Huang, L.Xing, Q. Xu and Omar A. Saraereh LAPC2016 Conference2016
Best PhD students Poster (1st place):MIMO Antennas for Mobile Phone ApplicationsSaqer S. Ala'AfrehThe University of Liverpool2014
PhD Scholarship to Uiversity of LiverpoolMIMO Antennas for Mobile Phone ApplicationsSaqer. S. Alja'Afreh Mutah University. Jordan.2012-2015
Top MSc Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering Department. (2007)Performance Analysis of Reed-Solommon Coded M-Ary QAM over Fading ChannelsTop MSc Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering Department. (2007)Mutah University2007
MSc Scholarship at Mutah UniversityMaster Degree StudySaqer. S. Alja'Afreh Emaar Alkarak Foundation. Jordan.2004-2007
Award/Prize/OrderResearch TitleAuthorsAwarded byYear