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" I am a professor of chemical engineering. I obtained my Ph.D. in 1988, MS in 1982, and B.Sc. all in chemical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-USA). I, also, obtained a B.Sc. in chemistry/Biology from the University of Jordan in 1978. I joined Mutah University in 1988. In addition to my academic duties, I served as a director of the department of consultation, technical services, and continuing education, founder and chairman of the chemical engineering department, vice dean of engineering, dean of engineering, and dean of scientific research at Mutah. I got my professoship in 1999. I was appointed a vice president at Al-Hussein Bin Talal university (2003-2006), and a president of the same University (2011-2015). I published more than 25 research papers in areas of blood-artificial surfaces interaction, artificial blood synthesis, renewable energy, waste heat recovery, and biogas production. I participated in many committees at the National and University levels. ."

Research Interest

Blood interaction with artificial surfaces
Platelet aggregation and adhesion on artificial surfaces
Artificial blood synthesis
Renewable energy
Waste heat recovery
Biogas production

Published Research

Artificial Surface Effect on Red Blood Cells and Platelets in Laminar Shear Flow, Blood, 1990. Journal : Blood , Volume : 75 (7), 1568,Publisher : American Society of Hematolgy , 1990
The Effects of Shear Stress on Endothelial Cell Retention and Function in EPTFE Grafts Journal : Archives of Surgery , Volume : 125, 1622Publisher : Gavin publishers , 1990
Evidence of red blood cell contribution to thromboxane A2 formation in laminar shear flow Journal : Mutah Journal for Research and Studies , Volume : 7 (2), 177Publisher : Deanship of Scentific Research - Mutah University , 1992
Effect of Hirudin on Platelet Deposition to an Artificial Surface during Low Stress Shear Flow of Whole Blood Journal : Biomaterials , Volume : 14 (11), Publisher : Elsevier , 1993
Surface and Bulk Effects on Platelet Adhesion and Aggregation during Simple (Laminar) Shear Flow of Whole Blood" Journal : J. of Biomaterial Science, Polymer Edn , Volume : 6(4)Publisher : Taylor & Francis online , 1994
Utilization of Waste Heat from Kitchen Furnace of an Enclosed Campus Journal : Energy Conversion and Management , Volume : 39 (2)Publisher : Elsevier , 1998
Contribution of Red Blood Cells and Platelets to Shear-Induced Thromboxane A2 Generation in Laminar Flow Journal : Alexandria Engineering Journal , Volume : 38 (2)Publisher : Elsevier , 1999
“ADP Release and Thromboxane A2 Generation from Whole Blood Under Low-Shear Journal : Alexandria Engineering Journal , Volume : 38 (5)Publisher : Elsevier , 1999
Heating of a Biogas Reactor Using A Solar Energy System with Temperature Control Unit Journal : Solar Energy, , Volume : 69 (3)Publisher : , Elsevier
In-Vitro Interaction of Liposome Encapsulated Hemoglobin with Blood Components" Journal : Chemical Engineering Communication , Volume : 178Publisher : Taylor & Francis , 2000


Principles of Chemical Engineering
Second Year
Fluid mechanics for chemical engineers
Second Year
Heat transfer for chemical and mechanical engineering
Third Year
Thermodynamics for chemical and mechanical engineers
Third Year
Chemical reaction engineering
Fourth Year
Applied math for chemical and mechanical engineers
Third Year
Numerical methods for chemical engineers
Third Year
Unit operations for chemical engineers
Fourth Year
Process dynamics and control
Fourth Year
Optimization techniques for chemical engineers
Fifth Year
Equipment design for chemical engineers
Fifth Year
Plant design for chemical engineers
Fifth Year

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