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" Dr. Mazen Al-Kheetan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Mutah University, Jordan. He has obtained his PhD degree in Civil Engineering in July 2019 from Brunel University London, UK. He has a master's degree in Highways and Trnsportation from The University of Nottingham, UK (2015). He also has a BEng degree in Civil Engineering from Mutah University, Jordan (2011).

Prior to the employment in Mutah University, Dr. Al-Kheetan has worked as Teaching and Research Assistant at Brunel University London from March 2016 till May 2019. He has worked under the supervision of Dr. Mujib Rahman and Prof. Denis Chamberlain on many projects; Performance enhancement of bitumen and asphalt mixtures, Concrete pavement protection, surface protection of concrete structures, and Moisture blocking in the preservation of Heritage structures.

Dr. Al-Kheetan worked as a Project Engineer at Habash-Deir Contracting Company from 2011 till 2014 in two of the largest projects in Amman: Abdali Mall Project and Queen Alia International Airport Project.

Research Interest

Innovation in composites science and technology
Performance enhancement of bitumen and asphalt mixtures
Concrete pavement protection by using hydrophobic materials
Crystallisation methods for remediation of water ingress in buildings and structures
Moisture blocking in the preservation of Heritage structures

Published Research

Development of low absorption and high-resistant sodium acetate concrete for severe environmental conditions Journal : Construction and Building Materials , Volume : 230Publisher : Elsevier , 2020
Fundamental interaction of hydrophobic materials in concrete with different moisture contents in saline environment Journal : Construction and Building Materials , Volume : 207, 122-135Publisher : Elsevier , 2019
Optimum Mix Design for Internally Integrated Concrete with Crystallizing Protective Material Journal : Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering , Volume : 31(7)Publisher : American Society of Civil Engineers , 2019
Moisture evaluation of concrete pavement treated with hydrophobic surface impregnants Journal : International Journal of Pavement Engineering , Volume : Publisher : Taylor & Francis , 2019
Performance Enhancement of Self-Compacting Concrete in Saline Environment by Hydrophobic Surface Protection Journal : Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering , Volume : 46(8), 677-686Publisher : NRC Research Press , 2019
Integration of anhydrous sodium acetate (ASAc) into concrete pavement for protection against harmful impact of deicing salt Journal : JOM The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society , Volume : Publisher : Springer , 2019
Remediation and protection of masonry structures with crystallising moisture blocking treatment Journal : International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation , Volume : 36(1), 77-92Publisher : Emerald Publishing Limited , 2018
A novel approach of introducing crystalline protection material and curing agent in fresh concrete for enhancing hydrophobicity Journal : Construction and Building Materials , Volume : 160, 644-652Publisher : Elsevier , 2018
Development of hydrophobic concrete by adding dual‐crystalline admixture at mixing stage Journal : Structural Concrete , Volume : 19(5), 1504-1511Publisher : Wiley , 2018
Influence of early water exposure on modified cementitious coating Journal : Construction and Building Materials , Volume : 141, 64-71Publisher : Elsevier , 2017


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Highway Engineering
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Construction Materials and Concrete Technology
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Highway Engineering Lab
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Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
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