MUTAH University
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Visual ProgrammingThird YearThis course acquaints students with the design, development, testing and documentation of Visual BASIC programs. Visual BASIC’s object oriented event driven (OOED) interface is used to program sequential, conditional, and repetition structures. Multiple objects and control arrays are used to gather input. Sequential data files are created and accessed in Visual BASIC programs.
Advanced Artificial IntelligenceMasterThe course goes in depth on selected topics and methods within artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and their applications. Examples include computational intelligence algorithms in optimization and classification. Python programming language for data science and AI will be covered including (acquire, data preparation, analysis and modeling, report and evaluation).
Artificial IntelligenceFourth YearThis is an introductory graduate AI course. During the semester we will cover general knowledge representation techniques and problem solving strategies. Topics will include search, intelligent agents, game playing, rule-based systems, logic programming, frames (or semantic networks), and machine learning.
Computer Graphics Fourth Year
Logic DesignFirst Year
discrete mathematicsFirst Year
Systems Analysis & DesignThird Year
Systems Programming Fourth Year
Course NameAcademic YearDescription