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" Omer is a Professor in civil engineering. He got his PhD in Civil Engineering, School of Arch & Civil Engineering - University of Bath, 1999, United Kingdom. He is currently the dean of postgraduate studies since Sept. 2018. He was the dean of the faculty of engineering, head of council board of Prince Faisal for Dead Sea study centre (research centre) and member of promotion recruitment committee for four years.  Also, he was head of Department of Civil Engineering for four years. He Published over a 50th paper, member in the Institute of Jordan Engineers since 1992, British Geotechnical Society (BGS) since 1999, and Arab Organization for Human Right. He organized and participated in many workshops, seminars and conferences in many fields because he is in charge for over 8 years in the top management of Mutah University. In addition, being the contact person in two Tempus project (Joint ITS and MUREE) and 9 Erasmus plus project (VTC, Invent, SEM-SEM, CCSAFS, E-GREEN, MED-HEALTH, FOODQA, Job-Jo & iBMS-Jo) and Fp7. He is the coordinator for Job-Jo Erasmus project. He is very well-known in the EU project management.."

Research Interest

Unsaturated soil
Unsaturated soil

Published Research

Stabilization by Chemical Agent Journal : Geotechnical Geological Engineering , Volume : 1007/s10706-012-9549-7, Publisher : Springer , 2012
Soil Improvement by Marble Stone Slurry Wastes Journal : Mutah Lil-Buhuth wad-Dirasat, Journa , Volume : s (2012)Publisher : , 2012


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