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Published Research
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Evaluation of novel Mg/Al/Ni-BaFe ternary layered hydroxides uptake of methyl orange dye from waterNuhu Dalhat Mu’azu Nabeel Jarrah Mukarram Zubair Mohammad Saood Manzar Taye Saheed Kazeem Mamdouh Al-HarthiKorean Journal of Chemical EngineeringVolume 36, Issue 12, pp 2008–2022SpringerClick HereJournal2019
“Enhanced adsorptive performance of Cr (VI) onto layered double hydroxide-bentonite composite: Isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic studies”.N Jarrah ND Muazu, M Zubair, M Al-Harthi, Separation Science and Technology1-12, 2019Taylor & FrancisClick HereJournal2019
“Bentonite-layered double hydroxide composite for enhanced aqueous adsorption of Eriochrome Black T”.ND Mu'azu, N Jarrah, TS Kazeem, M Zubair, M Al-Harthi, Applied Clay Science161, 23-34, 2018Elsevier Click HereJournal2018
“Nitrite hydrogenation over palladium–carbon nanofiber foam: a parametric study using factorial design of experiments”. Nabeel Jarrah Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis125 (1), 287-301, 2018SpringerClick HereJournal2018
“Polyaspartate extraction of cadmium ions from contaminated soil: evaluation and optimization using central composite design”.ND Mu’azu, SA Haladu, N Jarrah, M Zubair, MH Essa, SA AliJournal of hazardous materials342, 58-68, 2018ElsevierClick HereJournal2018
“Starch-NiFe-layered double hydroxide composites: efficient removal of methyl orange from aqueous phase”.M Zubair, N Jarrah, A Khalid, MS Manzar, TS Kazeem, MA Al-Harthi,Journal of Molecular Liquids249, 254-264, 2018ElsevierClick HereJournal2018
Response surface modeling and optimization of sludge activated carbon production conditions for phenolic compounds removal from water”.N Jarrah, ND Mu’azu, MH Essac, M ZubairDesalination and Water Treatment100, 320-332Taylor and francisClick HereJournal2017
“Influence of Bentonite Proportion in Natural Clay on Pb2+ ions Sorption: Response Surface Methodology, Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies”.ND Mu'azu, N JarrahSoil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal26 (7-8), 691-708Taylor and FrancisClick HereJournal2017
“Competitive adsorption isotherms of rhodium 6G and methylene blue on activated carbon prepared from residual Fuel oil”.Nabeel JarrahJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineering5 (5), 4319-4326ElsevierClick HereJournal2017
“Highly efficient removal of Pb (II) ion from aqueous phase using surface modified graphene. Equilibrium and kinetic study”.M Zubair, N Jarrah, MS Manzar, MA Al-Harthi, ND Mu'azu,Desalination and Water Treatment80, 174-183Taylor and FrancisClick HereJournal2017
“Adsorption of eriochrome black T from aqueous phase on MgAl-, CoAl- and NiFe- calcined layered double hydroxides: Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies”.M Zubair, N Jarrah, MS Manzar, M Al-Harthi, M Daud, ND Mu’azu,Journal of molecular liquids230, 344-352ElsevierClick HereJournal2017
"Binary adsorption of phenol and O-cresol from aqueous solution on date palm pits based activated carbon: a fixed-bed column study ".ND Mu'azu, N Jarrah, MH EssaDesalination and Water Treatment58, 192-201Taylor and FrancisClick HereJournal2017
Pulsed Electrokinetic Removal of Chromium, Mercury and Cadmium from Contaminated Mixed Clay SoilsN D Mu'azu, A Usman, N Jarrah, O AlaghaSoil and Sediment Contamination: An International Journal25(7), 757-775Taylor and FrancisClick HereJournal2016
Simultaneous electro-oxidation of phenol, CN−, S2− and NH4+ in synthetic wastewater using boron doped diamond anodeN Jarrah, ND Mu’azuJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineering4(3), 2656-2664ElsevierClick HereJournal2016
Kinetic modeling of electrochemical oxidation of phenol on boron-doped diamond anode in the presence of some inorganic speciesND Muazu, N Jarrah, A BukhariDesalination and Water Treatment56(11), 3005-3012Taylor and FrancisClick HereJournal2015
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract