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" Anoud Al-Tarawneh is an assistant professor in the department of English at Mutah University in Jordan. Al-Tarawneh holds a Ph.D in Modern American literature from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. In her doctoral research, Al-Tarawneh historically examines experimental and proletarian novels from the 1930s America. Currently Al-Tarawneh is analyzing novels and other literary texts from other modern time periods. Obviously, she is interested in doing further research on literary texts from different cultures.

Research Interest

Modern Literature
the Modern American novel
Cultural Studies
Literature of the 1930s
Modernism; feminism; gender studies; new historicism

Published Research


Introduction to Literature
First Year
History of English Literature
Second Year
Short Story
Second Year
Listening and Speaking
First Year
Poetry I
Third Year
Drama I
Third Year
Drama II
Fourth Year
Novel I
Second Year
World Literature
Fourth Year
Comparative Literature
Fourth Year

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