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Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Football (1) First YearThe course of Football (1) includes different information about football in order to provide the students with the technical basis for performing some basic skills in football as well as providing the students with the legal aspects of the game in order to enable them to master the basic skills, in addition to the teaching methods of the specified skills and the most important domains relating to  theory and historical origins .
Football (2)Second YearThis course includes information about the different methods of playing football, integrating the physical and technical elements in individual and group playing skills, developing students' abilities to learn the duties of the playing centers, as well as employing the law in teaching some control and game management skills , in addition to the methods of teaching and education of the skills assessed and the most important aspects of the theoretical training plans.
Advanced Football Second YearThis course aims at providing the student with knowledge and information about the job of training in football as well as the basics of training the different age groups. It also aims at providing the students with the legal aspects of the game in order to enable them to master the defensive and offensive tactics and educating them about the signs of refereeing and applying them in matches, as well as providing the students with the  methods of planning the training programs , analyzing the matches and the rules relating to team building , besides the special formations of teams, and recognizing the specified injuries of the game.
sports potentials Third YearThis course addresses the legal specifications of sports equipment, devices and facilities, as well as the conditions of maintenance, security and safety factors, in addition to the health conditions that must be available when constructing the sports facilities.
The Physical Exercises Second YearThe course of physical exercise includes a set of basic postures through which physical exercises are given. The course includes the mechanisms of writing the physical exercises in the correct scientific way, as well as the method of calling for these exercises in order to include all the parts of calling; it also includes the couple exercises and tools exercises, so as to identify the parts of the body, the mechanism of giving exercise to different parts of the body, and identifying the muscles considered for each exercise, both in general and private warm-ups, and the exercises relating to natural therapy.
Practical Education Second YearThis course aims at training the students to participate actively in the physical education lesson through good planning, implementation and application for the lesson, as well as  providing the students with the full knowledge relating to the parts of physical education lesson and its physical and skilled objectives, in addition to providing the students with the appropriate experience and educational values, such as the commitment to attendance and respecting time, cleanliness, cooperation and order , and the methods of solving the problems that face them .
The Field Training Third YearThis course provides students with the opportunity to have a training in the various teaching skills, as well as experiencing the daily educational life relating to school life, in order to receive a continuous feedback about their performance from their supervisors, school teachers, and school management; therefore , ensuring that the trainee students learn how to live with school life when they practice training for a specific period of time.
Education Technology in Physical Education Second YearThis course addresses the information relating modern techniques in education by focusing on the principles, concepts and cognitive facts of the devices and contemporary tools in terms of their uses, and the possibility of finding and designing educational aids.
Badminton and Table Tennis (2) First YearThis course aims at defining the general objectives of both (badminton, table tennis), as well as the tools used in the game, as well as providing the students with the basic rules of the law for the game and the ways of managing, organizing and arbitrating the game, in addition to focusing on teaching them how to perform basic and advanced skills, besides using the educational and training methods that help to learn and apply the plans for singles and doubles, as well as providing them with special exercises to promote the physical elements required for both games, in addition to demonstrating the ways of analyzing the skilled and tactical performance for each game, and providing them with the knowledge  relating to the common racket games injuries.
Course NameAcademic YearDescription