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" •Dr. Emad obtained his Bachelor Degree of Science in Chemical Engineering from Mu’tah University in Jordan (1994-1998). In order to pursue his studies and extend his knowledge in Chemical Engineering, he joined the University of Jordan for master program (1999-2001) and has had his M. Sc. Degree in Chemical Engineering. Currently, he hold a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast (2002-2005).
•In 2007, Dr. Emad joined Mu’tah University in Jordan as a lecturer at the Chemical Engineering Department. During this period he taught many courses. In 2010, Dr. Emad has the opportunity to join YIC as a lecturer at the Chemical Engineering Technology Department. During his affiliation with YIC, Dr. Emad was assigned many academic tasks such as Summer and COOP Training Coordinator, Coordinator of Thermodynamics and Environmental Engineering groups and he was also a member of the departmental committee responsible for the preparation for the accreditation of department programs by ABET in the 2014-2015 cycle.
•Currently, Dr. Emad is an Assistant Professor at Chemical Engineering Department-Mu’tah University.
•His research works have been focused on environmental field (wastewater treatment: Adsorption; Ultrafiltration; Production of Activated Crbon). He has also presented several papers at international conferences and have published a number of papers.

Research Interest

Water and wastewater treatment.
Removal of colours from textile wastewater using ultrafiltration technique.
Removal of colours from wastewater using adsorption technique.
Production of activated carbon.
Mathematical modelling of dye/adsorbent system.
Coagulation/Flocculation Process.

Published Research

Adsorption of Basic Dyes onto Activated Carbon Using Microcolumn. Journal : Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research , Volume : 45 (17): 6044-6049Publisher : ACS Publications , 2006
Adsorption of Methylene Blue onto Activated Carbon Produced from Steam Activated Bituminous Coal: A Study of Equilibrium Adsorption Isotherm. Journal : Chemical Engineering Journal , Volume : 124: 103-110Publisher : ELSEVIER , 2006
Kinetic Modelling of the Adsorption of Basic Dyes onto Steam Activated Bituminous Coal. Journal : Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research , Volume : 46 (14):4764-4771Publisher : ACS Publications , 2007
Adsorption of Basic Dyes from Aqueous Solution onto Activated Carbons. Journal : Chemical Engineering Journal , Volume : 135: 174-184Publisher : ELSEVIER , 2008
Influence of Preparation Conditions on the Characteristics of Activated Carbons Produced from Bituminous Coal. Journal : hemical Engineering Journal , Volume : 142:1-13Publisher : ELSEVIER , 2008
Influence of the Experimental Conditions on the Removal of Dyes from Aqueous Solutions Using Ultrafiltration Journal : Yanbu Journal of Engineering and Science , Volume : 1:75-86Publisher : Yanbu Industrial College , 2010
Investigation of the Treatment of Colored Water Using Efficient Locally Available Adsorbent. Journal : International Journal of Energy and Environment , Volume : 2(6):111-1124Publisher : International Energy & Environment Foundation , 2011
retreatment of Wastewater Streams from Petroleum/Petrochemical Industries Using Coagulation. Journal : Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science , Volume : 1:245-251Publisher : Scientific Research , 2011
Dispersed Air Floatation as a Pretreatment Process for Sea Water Desalination. Journal : Water Science and Technology: Water Supply , Volume : 12 (4): 431–438Publisher : IWA , 2012
Discharge Rates of Micron Size Fine Powders from a Semi-Batch Circulating Fluidized Bed of Binary Particles Under Different Humidification Conditions. Journal : Powder Technology , Volume : 244:1-8Publisher : ELSEVIER , 2013


Industrial Physical Chemistry
Second Year
Applied Mathematics for Chemical Engineering
Third Year
Chemical Engineering Principle I
Second Year
Chemical Engineering Principles II
Second Year
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
Third Year
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
Third Year
Engineering Chemistry
First Year
Data Analysis in Chemical Engineering
Third Year
Fluid Mechanics
Second Year
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Third Year
Engineering of Chemical Industries
Fifth Year
Communication Skills
Second Year

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