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" Prof. H. D. Al-Majali was born in Al-Karak, Jordan. He received the B.C degree in electrical engineering from Damascus University, Syria in 1982 and the Ph.D. degree from Bradford University, U.K, in 1991. Professor Al-Majali became professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Mutah University in 2006 and has published widely in international journals.. Research interests in the field of power electronics, Machines drive and renewable energy.
Dr. A-Majali held a number of administrative positions at Mutah University, including Chairman of the Department Electrical engineering, Vice Dean of the engineering Faculty, 2005-2009 and Dean of the engineering Faculty, 2009 – 2013. He was Vice Dean in Ajman University of Science and technology UAE, 200 -2003.  He has also a member of the board of trustees of Al-Isra University, 2009 – 2017 and chair of the board of director of Prince Faisal center for Dead Sea studies, environment and energy research, Jordan, 2009 - 20013
Dr. Al-Majali   has served and is currently on the editorial boards of several journals. In addition, Prof. Al-Majali has been honored for his service and many accomplishments. He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the best research in engineering sciences awarded by Ministry of higher education of Jordan, 2007, Al-Hussein medal for Excellence of the second order, 2007.

Research Interest

Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Electrical Machines and Drive

Published Research

Fast and Continuous Control of a Modified HVDC Converter Journal : WSEAS Transaction on Control and System , Volume : Vol.19, PP.326-332, 2019.Publisher : WSEAS , 2019
Performance Evaluation of Different Optimal-Tuned Current Controllers for Voltage-Source Converter Connected to a Weak AC Grid Journal : IEEE Jordan International Joint Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (JEEIT) , Volume : PP. 198-203Publisher : IEEE , 2019
Transient of Modified HVDC Converter Journal : Electric Power Systems Research (Elsevier) , Volume : Vol.77, No. 10, PP. 1329 – 1336.Publisher : Elsevier , 2007
Control of Series HVDC Bridges with Different Firing Angles Journal : WSEAS Transaction on Power Systems , Volume : Vol.14, 2014, PP. 418 – 427Publisher : WSEAS , 2014
Abnormal Harmonics Generated by Modified HVDC Converters Journal : Electric Power Components and Systems , Volume : Vol.35, No.6, ‏2006, PP 639 – 654.Publisher : Taylor & Francis , 2006
A Snubber Configuration for Modified Bridge Converter Journal : Electric Power Components and Systems , Volume : Vol.34, No.11, 2006, PP. 1177-1190.Publisher : Taylor & Francis , 2006
Voltage Control of Series – Connected Modified HVDC Bridge Using GTO Thyristor by-pass Valves Journal : Electric Power Systems Research , Volume : Vol. 49, No.2, 1999, PP. 79-86.Publisher : Elsevier , 1999
HVDC Converter Using Self – Commutated Devices Journal : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics , Volume : Vol. 13, No.6, 1998, PP. 1164 – 1173.Publisher : IEEE , 1998
Voltage Control of Modified Series – Connected HVDC Bridges Journal : Electric Power Systems Research , Volume : Vol.43, 1997, PP. 37 – 44.Publisher : Elsevier , 1997
Control of Multi-level Converter Using By-Pass Switches Journal : JJEE Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering (JJEE) , Volume : Vol.4, No.1, PP. 1-14Publisher : Tafila Technical University , 2018


Electrical Circuit I
Second Year
Electrical Circuit II
Second Year
Electric Machines I
Third Year
Electric Machines II
Third Year
Power Electronics
Fourth Year
Logic Design
Third Year
Industrial power Electronics
Fourth Year
Computer Programming
Third Year
Electronic Devices I
Second Year
Electronic Devices II
Third Year
Machine Drive
Fifth Year
Advanced Power Electronics

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