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Published Research
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Integrating Syrian refugee workers in global supply chains: creating opportunities for stable tradeCole, R. Al-Ma’aitah, N.; Alhasan, R. Journal of Humanitarian logistics and Supply Chain Management12(3), pp.404-424EmeraldClick HereJournal2022
Talent Management Practices and Competitive Advantage: Evidence From the Jordanian Insurance SectorYazan Al-Haraisa; Noor Al-Ma'aitah; Khalaf Al-Tarawneh; Ahmad AbuzaidInternational Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (IJSSMET)12(5), pp.102-115IGIClick HereJournal2021
Digital Marketing Strategies and International Patients’ Satisfaction: An Empirical Study in Jordanian Health Service IndustryAl-Weshah, G; Kakeesh, D.; Al-Ma'aitah, N.Estudios de Economia Aplicada39(7)Ascociacion Internacional de Economia AplicadaClick HereJournal2021
Maintaining Customer Loyalty Using Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM): Qualitative Evidence from Small Food Businesses in JordanKakeesh, D.; Al-Weshah, G.; Al-Ma'aitah, N.Estudios de Economia Aplicada39(7)Ascociacion Internacional de Economia AplicadaClick HereJournal2021
Staffing Strategy as a Way to Achieve Organizational Excellence: Insights from Jordan’Al-Ma’aitah N., Al-Haraisa, Y., Al-Tarawneh, K., Test Engineering and Management83(March-April), pp.6929-6939The Mattingley Publishing Co., Inc.Click HereJournal2020
Maintaining customer loyalty using electronic relationship management (E-CRM): qualitative evidence from small food business in JordanKakeesh, D., Al-Weshah, G., Al-Ma’aitah, N., International Conference on Sustainable Innovation and Emerging Trends in Business And Management (ICSIEM’20)Athens, Greece (Online)Conference2020
Toward a Model for Actual Usage of Social Networks Sites for Educational Purposes in Jordanian UniversitiesAbu gharrah, A., Aljaafreh, A., Al-Ma’aitah, N.9th International Conference of Association of Global Management Studies ICAGMS249-260Conference2019
Dynamic Asymmetric Financial Connectedness under Tail Dependence and Rendered Time Variance: Selected Evidence from Emerging MENA Stock MarketsAlqaralleh, H., Awadallah, D., Al-Ma’aitah, N.Borsa Istanbul Review19(4), pp.323-330ElsevierClick HereJournal2019
Examining the Impact of Transformational Leadership on the Strategic Decision Effectiveness of Jordanian Microfinance CompaniesAbuzaid, A., Al-Ma’aitah N., Al-Haraisa, Y., Al-Tarawneh, K.International Review of Management and Marketing9(2), pp.76-83.EconJournalsClick HereJournal2019
Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) practices and their impact on performance: An insight from the Jordanian construction sectorAl-Ma’aitah, N.International Journal of Construction Supply Chain Management8(2), pp.87-104School of Engineering, Auckland University of TechnologyClick HereJournal2018
The Role of Justice in Achieving Long-term Buyer-Supplier Relationship: The Case of Jordanian Manufacturing SectorAl-Ma'aitah, N.International Review of Management and Marketing8(2), pp.109-117EconjournalsClick HereJournal2018
Supply Chain Relationships and Its Resulting Outcomes for Quality in the Middle East Context: A Cultural PerspectiveAl-Ma’aitah, N; Soltani, E., and Liao, Y.Innovation Arabia 8Hamdan bin Mohammad Smart University, DubaiConference2015
Supply chain relationship and national culture: Empirical evidence from the MENA regionAl-Ma’aitah, N.; Soltani, E.; & Liao, Y.21st international Annual EurOMA conference: Operations Management in an Innovation EconomyPalermo, ItalyClick HereConference2014
Collectivist Cultural Values and Buyer-Supplier Relationships in the Middle East: The Jordanian ExperienceAl-Ma’aitah, N., Soltani, E. & Liao, Y.International Journal of Global Management Studies4(2)California, BerkleyConference2013
The impact of national culture and trust on building long term buyer-supplier relationship in the Middle East: The case of Jordanian manufacturing sectorAl-Ma’aitah, N28th IMP Conference, IMP Doctoral ConsortiumRome, ItalyConference2012
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract