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" Dr. Obada Alhabashneh Biography

Dr. Alhabashneh is currently the head of MIS department in the Business School at Mutah University. In addition to his role as a head of department, Dr. Alhabashneh has been working as an assistant professor in MIS since he joined the university in 2015. He received a B.S.c degree in computer science from Mutah University and his M.S.c and Ph.D in MIS from Coventry University.
Teaching Interests
The teaching interests of Dr. Alhabashneh include information systems, systems analysis and design, programming languages, databases, knowledge management, business process reengineering, business intelligence and enterprise information retrieval.
 Research Interests
His primary research interest is in the field of enterprise information retrieval and recommender systems. Specifically, he is interested in the development of intelligent enterprise search and recommender tools using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. He is also interested in information systems and knowledge representation, computer-human interaction and fuzzy-based systems.
Dr. Alhabshneh has been co-investigator in a research project for British Railway Industry in collaboration with Coventry University. The project is part of a cross-industry initiative funded by Network Rail, the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. The purpose of this project is the collection, secure storage, management and analysis of rail infrastructure data for the purpose of informing decision making in railway.
He is also a team member in a Knowledge Transfer project in the field of Diversity Management. The project comes under Jean Monnet activity of Erasmus+ program which is funded by the European Union. The project aims to enable and ensure education and continuous training in the field of European Union diversity management.

Research Interest

Machine Learning
Information Systems
Knowledge Management
Business Process Reengineering
Fuzzy Logic

Published Research

Fuzzy rule based profiling approach for enterprise information seeking and retrieval Journal : Information Sciences , Volume : 18-37 394 Publisher : Elsevier , 2017
Towards the development of an integrated framework for enhancing enterprise search using latent semantic indexing Journal : International Conference on Conceptual Structures , Volume : 346-352Publisher : Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg , 2011
Adaptive information retrieval system based on fuzzy profiling Journal : IEEE , Volume : 1-8Publisher : IEEE , 2015


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