MUTAH University
Research Interest
Phyto-Biochemical Studies: Medicinal plants, Bioactive compound, Antioxidant activity, flavonoids content, polyphenolic content, reducing power, antihemolytic activity, antibacterial activity, antifungal activity.
Nanoparticles (Green Technology) & Nanotechnology (Nanoliposomes): Formation of new models of nanoliposomes and Nanoparticles. Interaction of nanoliposomes with blood cells and body tissues, and assessment for antiproliferative activity against different
Enzymological Studies: Extraction, Isolation, purification, enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition, enzyme immobilization, effects of heavy metals on antioxidant enzymes.
Industrial-Medicinal-Environmental Studies: The studies are concentrated on Delactosed milk and whey, treatment of the waste products of whey industries, and on galcto-oligosaccharides.
Synthesis of new host-guest complexes of calixarene-based macrocycles by using bioactive molecules from Jordanian plant extracts.