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Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Error performance of MT system using adaptive modulation with guard InternationalError performance of MT system using adaptive modulation with guard Internationalmodelling and simulationVol.27 No -4Journal2007
- Bandwidth efficient Differentially Encoded 16 Amplitude phase Shift keying (16DAPSK) Schemes for Rician fading ChannelsProf. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehApplied SciencesJournal2005
Comparison of Bit Error Rate Performance of Multi Carrier DE-APSK Systems and Single Carrier DE-APSK in presence of AWGN and Rician Fading ChannelsProf. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehInformation Technology Journal2005
andwidth Efficient Differentially Encoded 16 Amplitude Phase Shift Keying (16 DAPSK) Schemes for Rician Fading ChannelsProf. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehApplied SciencesJournal2005
Schemes for ISDN/DECT wireless internet working and VerificationsProf. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehAmericanJournal2004
performance of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing Utilizing Differential quadrature amplitude modulation in AWGN and Rician fading channelsProf. Ibrahim Al-Qatawneh Alexandria EngineeringVol.42, Journal2003
Error Rate Analysis of Multi-carrier Modulation Using Differentially Encoded and Detected 16 DE-APSK under Rician Fading Channels" Pakistan Journal of Applied Sciences "PJAS"Prof. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehVol.3 number 6,: 400 409Journal2003
- Error Rate Performance of Multi-carrier system Utilizing 16QAM and Offset 16 QAM with guard interval " Prof. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehPakistanVol.33, number 8-9Journal2003
“Bit error rate performance of OFDM Utilizing Differential encoded 16 star QAM, with differentially coherent Demodulation in frequency flat and two path fading channelsProf. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehVol.27,No.3 September2002Journal2002
Bit error rate performance of OFDM Utilizing QPSK and DE-QPSK in AWGN, Flat Fading and two path fading channels.Prof. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehJournal of EngineeringVol.8. No.3(1998)25Journal1998
Bit error rate performance of multi carrier system Utilizing QPSK OQPSK with guard intervalProf. Ibrahim Al-QatawnehMansoura EngineeringJournal
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract