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" Able to establish a quick rapport with people, diligent, and good sense of humour. A successful graduate with wide experience in Academic and industrial work within mechanical engineering and engineering materials. Excellent communication skills, negotiation, technical and interpersonal skills, able to train and motivate a team to produce quality results. Resourceful, able to work on own initiative or as part of a team. A flair for organization with ability to work under pressure within a fixed budget. Always eeking an opportunity offering increased responsibility and reward.

Research Interest

Fatigue, and fracture mechanics of Advanced Engineering Materials, (engineering materials for high temperature applications). Microstructural, and fabrication processes of all types of composite materials including bio-engineering materials. Research inte

Published Research

Impact Failure of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Al-Matrix composites Subjected to low Velocity Impact Journal : Alexandria Engineering Journal , Volume : Vol.41,No.1.Publisher : Egypt / Alexandria University , 2002
The Fracture Behaviour of Continuous SiC and Carbon Fibre Al-Matrix Composites under Mode II Loading Conditions Journal : Mu’tah Lil-Buhuth wad-Dirasat (Mu’tah Journal For Research and Studies), Natural and Applied Sciences , Volume : Vol.18, No. 1Publisher : Jordan / Mutah University , 2003
A New Process for Manufacturing Continuously Reinforced Aluminium Alloy MMC Journal : Mu’tah Lil-Buhuth wad-Dirasat (Mu’tah Journal For Research and Studies), Natural and Applied Sciences. , Volume : Vol.21, No. 2Publisher : Jordan / Mutah University , 2006
Temperature Dependence of Dynamic Modulus and Damping for Continuous Fibre Reinforced Al-(alloy) Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperatures Journal : Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. , Volume : Vol.2, No.1, MarchPublisher : Jordan / Hashemite University , March, 2008
Abrasive Wear of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Al and Al- alloy Metal Matrix Composites Journal : Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, , Volume : Volume 4, Number 2, MarchPublisher : Jordan / Hashemite University , 2010
Dynamic Fracture Strength and Toughness of Continuous Alumina Fibre Reinforced Glass Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperature Journal : Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Taylor & Francis (Marcel Dekker Inc), NY, USA, , Volume : vol.26, issue 4Publisher : USA / Taylor & Francis (Marcel Dekker Inc) , 2011
Ballistic Impact Fracture Behaviour of Continuous Fibre Journal : Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering , Volume : Vol.4, No.5, NovemberPublisher : Jordan / Hashemite University , 2010
Efficiency and Exergy Enhancement of ORC Powered by Recovering Flue Gases-Heat System in Cement Industrials: a Case Study Journal : International Review of Mechanical Engineering (I.RE.M.E.), , Volume : Vol.13, N.3 March 2019Publisher : Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. , March 2019
Sizing Methodology of a Multi-Mirror Solar Concentrated Hybrid PV/Thermal System Journal : Energies MDPI , Volume : 2018, Vol 11 issue 12, 3276 23 Publisher : MDPI , November 2018
Evaluating the Environmental Impacts and Energy Performance of a Wind Farm System Utilizing the Life-Cycle Assessment Method: A Practical Case Study Journal : Energies MDPI , Volume : 12, 3263;Publisher : MDPI , 24 August 2019


Prbability and engineering statistics
Third Year
Strength of materials plus laboratory
Second Year
Quality control
Fifth Year
Second Year
Engineering Mechanics(II)
Second Year
Engineering Materials and Ceramics
Fourth Year
Composite materials and manufacturing processes
Fourth Year
Product design
Fourth Year
Engineering Materials plus Laboratory
Second Year
Metal Cutting Technology
Third Year
Metal Forming Technology
Third Year
Operation Research for Engineering Students
Third Year

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