MUTAH University
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Chem. 101 (General Chemistry, Undergraduate)First Year
Chem. 105 (General Chemistry Lab. I, Undergraduate)First Year
Chem. 106 (General Chemistry Lab. II, Undergraduate)First Year
Chem. 108 (Organic Chemistry for Medicine Students, Undergraduate)First Year
Chem. 109 (Organic Chemistry for Nursing Students, Undergraduate)First Year
Chem. 112 (General Chemistry Lab. For Pharmacy Students, Undergraduate) First Year
Chem. 231 (Organic Chemistry I, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 232 (Organic Chemistry II, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 233 (Organic Chemistry for Biology Students, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 235 (Organic Chemistry Lab. I, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 236 (Organic Chemistry Lab. II, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 239 (Organic Chemistry for Pharmacy and Medical Lab. Sciences Students, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 333 (Organic Chemistry III, Undergraduate) Third Year
Chem. 391 (Chemical Literature, Undergraduate)Third Year
Chem. 433 (Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Fourth Year
Chem. 435 (Qualitative Analytical Organic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Fourth Year
Chem. 499 (Graduation Project, Undergraduate)Fourth Year
Chem. 701 (Special topics in Organic Chemistry, Graduate)Master
Chem. 731 (Advanced Organic Chemistry I, Graduate) Master
Chem. 733 (Advanced Organic Chemistry II, Graduate)Master
Chem. 612 (Advanced Organic Chemistry, Graduate)Master
Chem. 695 (Graduate Seminar, Graduate)Master
Chem. 425 (Organometallic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Fourth Year
Chem. 439 (Applied Organic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Fourth Year
Chem. 426 (Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Fourth Year
Chem. 323 (Experiments and Techniques in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Third Year
Chem. 211 (Qualitative Analysis, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 225 (Inorganic Chemistry, Undergraduate)Second Year
Chem. 221 (Chemistry of Non-transition Metals, Undergraduate)Second Year
Course NameAcademic YearDescription