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" Dr. Salah Aljbour is an associate professor of chemical engineering. He acts as the head of the chemical engineering department at Mutah University.

The research themes of Dr. Aljbour include catalysis, waste-to-energy via thermal and biological routes.

Dr. Aljbour completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Nagoya University / Japan in 2010. His doctoral thesis invovled experimental and theortical analysis of microreactors for multiphase systems.

Prior joining the Chemical Engineering department at MU, Dr. Aljbour worked as Postdoctoral Researcher at the National Institute for Environmental Studies /Tsukuba/Japan where he carried out reserach on biomass gasification and gas catalytic reforming.

Research Interest

Process Design, Analysis and Simulation

Published Research

Catalytic pyrolysis of olive cake and domestic waste for biofuel production Journal : Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects , Volume : 40(23), 2785-2791Publisher : , 2018
Groundwater vulnerability mapping of Jordanian phosphate mining area based on phosphate concentration and GIS: Al-Abiad mine as a case study Journal : International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology , Volume : 9(6), 627-639Publisher : , 2019
INTENSIFICATION OF SHALE OIL EXTRACTION FROM OIL SHALE–AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY IN JORDAN Journal : Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , Volume : 14(4), 1764-1775.Publisher : , 2019
Methane Gas Production through Co-digestion of Olive Mill Wastewater and Sewage Sludge Journal : The Eighth Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference (JIChEC 2017) , Volume : Publisher : , 2017
Modeling of Corrosion Kinetics of Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid in the Presence and Absence of a Drug Inhibitor Journal : Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta , Volume : 34(6), pp. 407-416Publisher : , 2016
Salah H. Aljbour, Adnan Alharahsheh, Mohd Aliedeh, Kamel Alzboon, Sura Harahsheh, “Phosphate removal from aqueous solutions by using natural Jordanian zeolitic tuff”, Adsorption Science and Technology, 2017, 35(3-4), pp. 284-299, DOI: 10.1177/026361741667 Journal : Adsorption Science and Technology , Volume : 35(3-4), pp. 284-299Publisher : , 2017
Production of ceramics from waste glass and Jordanian oil shale ash Journal : Oil Shale , Volume : Vol. 33, No. 2(3), pp. 260-271Publisher : , 2016
Evaluation of the use of steelmaking slag as an aggregate in concrete mix: A factorial design approach Journal : Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly , Volume : 23 (1) 113-119Publisher : , 2017


Chemical Reaction Engineering
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Equipment Design
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Plant Design
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Process Dynamics and Control
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Numerical Analysis
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Transport Phenomena
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