MUTAH University
Funded Research
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD
Cross-Sectional study to assess the prevalence of adult thyroid dysfunction disorders in Jordan2014Scientific Research Fund, Ministry of Higher Education, Jordanد.ا.‏ 83,116
Predictors of development of hypothyroidism2014Mu’tah Universityد.ا.‏ 74,800
GC-MS MS analysis and anticancer and antibacterial activity of essential oil2015Mu’tah Universityد.ا.‏ 17,125
The relationship between adipocytokines and Ghrelin and Obesity associated with Type II diabetes mellitus among Jordanians2013Mu’tah Universityد.ا.‏ 13,950
Validation of Polysialic acid (PSA) decoration of neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) as apotential therapeutic target in neuroendocrine tumours2014Mu’tah Universityد.ا.‏ 20,000
Antitumor activity of novel cancer pro-drugs metabolically activated by selected isoforms of Cytochrome P450 in cancers2013Mu’tah Universityد.ا.‏ 33,500
The evaluation of anti-cancer activity of propolis in an experimentally induced liver cancer in rats2015Mu’tah Universityد.ا.‏ 18,636
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD