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Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Transient Behavior Analysis for Solar Energy Storage in PCM-CFM Material Using Equivalent Heat Capacity Method as Storage ModelTalib K. Murtadha, Hussien M. Salih, Ali D. SalmanAl-Khwarizmi Engineering JournalVol. 14, No.2, June, (2018) P.P. 40- 57University of Baghdad Journal2018
Experimental Study Using the Passive Solar Chimney for Evaporative Cooling With PCM and CFM as a Thermal Energy StorageTalib K. Murtadha, Hussien M. Salih, Ali D. SalmanAl-Khwarizmi Engineering JournalVol. 12, No. 3, P.P. 80- 98 (2016)University of Baghdad Journal2016
Experimental and Numerical Study of Closed Loop Solar Chimney Assisted with PCM and CFM as Thermal Energy Storage CollectorTalib K. Murtadha, Hussien M. Salih, Ali D. SalmanEngineering and Technology JournalVol.34,Part (A), No.13,2016, P 2450-2463 University of Technology/ BaghdadJournal2016
Simplified Numerical Modeling of One-Dimensional Active Magnetic RegeneratorAedah M. Jawad Mahdy, Wahid S. Mohammad, Talib K. MurtadhaSAUSSUREA (ISSN: 0373-2525)Volume 5(7):PP. 237-253SAUSSUREAJournal2015
Practical Study of Magnetic Refrigeration Performance and OptimizationAedah M. Jawad Mahdy, Wahid S. Mohammad, Talib K. MurtadhaIOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE) e-ISSN: 2278-1684,p-ISSN: 2320-334XVolume 12, Issue 2 Ver. II (Mar - Apr. 2015), PP 71-80IOSR JournalsJournal2015
A Novel Design of a Domestic Magnetic RefrigeratorAedah M. Jawad Mahdy, Wahid S. Mohammad, Talib K. MurtadhaInternational Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM)Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2015 P 6-19International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management (IJAIEM)Journal2015
Using TermoDeck System for Pre-Cooling/ Heating to Control the Building Inside ConditionsWahid S. Mohammad, Talib K. Murtadha, Karrar A.AhmedAl-Khwarizmi Engineering JournalVol. 10, No. 3, P.P. 13- 24 (2014)University of Baghdad Journal2014
CFD Prediction of Forced Draft Counter-Flow Cooling Tower PerformanceJalal M. Jalil, Talib K.Murtadha, Qasim S. MehdiEngineering and Technology JournalVol.28, No.11, 2010 P 2103-2120University of Technology/ BaghdadJournal2010
Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Duct with Two Right Angled BendsJalal M. Jalil, Dr. Talib K. Murtadha, Sanaa T. MousaEngineering and Technology JournalVol.28, No.15, 2010 P 4889-4909University of Technology/ BaghdadJournal2010
Domestic Refrigerator Energy Testing with Alternative RefrigerantsTalib Kshash Murtadha, Salam Hadi HussainJournal of Kerbala UniversityVol. 6 No.2 Scientific. 2008 P 111-116Kerbala University, IraqJournal2008
Numerical Study of Flow InMechanically Ventilated Rooms Under Non- Isothermal ConditionsJalal M. Jalil, Talib K. Murtadha and Hanaa M. Mohammed AliEngineering & Technology, University of Technology Vol.25, No.4, 2007, P 534-542University of Technology / BaghdadJournal2007
COLD STORAGE ROOM PEFORMANCE TESTING WITH ALTERNATIVE REFRIGERANTSAbdual Hadi Nema K,Talib K. Murtadha, Kais Jamel H. Engineering and Technology JournalUniversity of Technology/ BaghdadJournal2007
3-D Numerical and Experimental Study of the Turbulent Mixing Layer between Two Non-Parallel StreamsJalal M. Jalil, Talib K. Murtadha, Khudheyer S. MushatetJournal of Engineering and DevelopmentVol. 11, No. 2, September (2007) P 134-144ISSN 1813-7822Journal2007
LAMINAR AND TURBULENT NATURAL CONVECTION HEAT TRANSFER OF A LIQUID METAL IN AN ENCLOSED ENCLOSUREJalal M. Jalil, Talib K. Murtadha, Kays A. Al-Tae’yEngineering Journal of the University of QatarVol. 19, 2006University of QatarJournal2006
Three-dimensional computation of turbulent natural convection in the presence of magnetic fieldJALAL M. JALIL, TALIB K. MURTADHA, KAYS A. AL-TAE’YJ. Indian Inst. Sci.Nov.–Dec. 2006, 86, 705–721Indian Institute of Science.Journal2006
Heat Transfer Enhancement In a Ribbed DuctJ.M. Jalil, T.K. Murtadha, H.M. KadomThe Journal of Engineering ResearchVol. 3, No.1 (2006) 10-18The Journal of Engineering ResearchJournal2006
A Three Dimensional Study of laminar and Turbulent Wall JetTalib K. MurtadhaEngineering and Technology JournalVol. 24, No. 7University of Technology/ BaghdadJournal2005
Simulation of Design of Roll Bond Evaporator Working with Alternatives Refrigerants of R-12Talib K. Murtadha, Ali Dawood SalmanEngineering and Tchnology JornalVol. 24, No. 1University of Technology, Baghdad, IraqJournal2005
PERFORMANCE SIMULATION OF SINGLE-EVAPORATOR DOMESTIC REFRIGERATOR USING ALTERNATIVE REFRIGERANTSTalib Kshash Murtadha and Salam Hadi HussainEngineering Journal of the University of Qatar, Vol. 16, 2003, pp.109-124Vol. 16, 2003, pp.109-124University of QatarJournal2003
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract