MUTAH University
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
General PhysiologyFirst YearThis course covers the topics of Cell Membrane Physiology, Body Fluid Regulation, Neuro-Muscular Physiology, Role of the Respiratory and Renal System in Acid-base Balance, and overview of the Cardio-Vascular System
General PhysiologySecond YearGeneral Physiology for Pharmacy Students
Musculo-skeletal System ModuleSecond YearThis course covers topics of skeletal muscle physiology and Role of cutaneous blood circulation in the regulation of body temperature
Digestive System ModuleSecond YearThis course deals with the mechanical and secretory function of each segment of the digestive system
Endocrinology and Metabolism ModuleSecond YearThis course covers the physiology of hormones released by the Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pancreas, Suprarenal, and Gonadal glands. Some of the hormones released from non-endocrine glands are covered as well.
Respiratory System ModuleThird Year
Cardiovascular system ModuleThird Year
Neuroscience (1) ModuleThird YearThis course covers the Physiology of Central Nervous System regarding <br>The higher motor function <br>The higher sensory function <br>The consciousness and sleep <br>The intellectual function of the cerebral cortex (learning, speech, and memory) <br>The limbic system
Lymphatic sytem and Blood ModuleThird Year
Urogenital System ModuleThird Year
Course NameAcademic YearDescription