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Research Interest

Pavement Materials
Asphalt Mix Design
Concrete Materials
Reinforced Concrete
Machine Learning Applications in Civil Engineering
Statistical and Reliability Analysis

Published Research

Machine learning-based evaluation of punching shear resistance for steel/FRP-RC slabs. Journal : Ain Shams Engineering Journal , Volume : p.102668.Publisher : Elsevier , 2024
Machine learning-driven web-post buckling resistance prediction for high-strength steel beams with elliptically-based web openings Journal : Results in Engineering , Volume : 21,101749Publisher : Elsevier , 2024
Durability Enhancement of Concrete with Recycled Concrete Aggregate: The Role of Nano-ZnO Journal : Buildings , Volume : 14,2,353Publisher : MDPI , 2024
Improvement of ornamental stone wastes as sand replacement in concrete using silane coupling agent Journal : Results in Engineering , Volume : 20,101580Publisher : Elsevier , 2023
Synergistic Effect of Treated Polypropylene-Based Disposable Face Masks on Durability and Mechanical Properties of Concrete Journal : Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering , Volume : 1-9Publisher : Springer Berlin Heidelberg , 2023
Empirical Model for the Retained Stability Index of Asphalt Mixtures Using Hybrid Machine Learning Approach Journal : Applied System Innovation , Volume : 6,5,93Publisher : MDPI , 2023
Improvements to the duplicate shear test (DST) device for measuring the fundamental shear properties of asphalt concrete mixes Journal : International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology , Volume : 16,5,1255-1266Publisher : Springer Nature Singapore , 2023
Implementation of ceramic waste as fine aggregate in rigid pavement: performance enhancement through silane coupling agent Journal : Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering , Volume : 1-9Publisher : Springer Berlin Heidelberg , 2024
Utilisation of raw oil shale as fine aggregate to replace natural sand in concrete: Microstructure, surface chemistry and macro properties Journal : Results in Engineering , Volume : 101265Publisher : Elsevier , 2023
Predictive model of asphalt mixes’ theoretical maximum specific gravity using gene expression programming Journal : Results in Engineering , Volume : 101242Publisher : Elsevier , 2023


Pavement Design
First Year
Highway Engineering
First Year
Surveying for Engineers
First Year
Retaining Earth Structures
First Year
Foundation Engineering
First Year
Numerical Methods
First Year
Engineering Drawing
First Year
Highway Engineering lab
First Year
Construction Materials and Concrete Technology lab
First Year

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