MUTAH University
Funded Research
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD
Study the change in water quality from the source to costumer in Mafraq and Zarqa areas2010Fund of Ministry of higher educationAdnan Al-Harahsheh, Moh. Alfarajat,Fauzi Shdifaty,Sura harahshehد.ا.‏ 20,000
Developing a pilot plant for phospho gypsum treatment to be used in cement industry2015Fund of Ministry of Higher vEducationMoh. Aleadah, Salah Aljbour,Adnana Al-harahshehد.ا.‏ 54,000
Rational management of waste water treatment and reused in Mediterranean countries2006European union & Germany 2006Al al-Bayt University,Albalqa un.,..د.ا.‏ 1,430,000
Micro wave processing processing of Jordanian oil shale2006Al hussain Un.Adnan Al-harahsheh, Moh Al-harahshehد.ا.‏ 3,000
Design and construction of pyrolysis station for production of Renewable Energy from solid waste2019Fund of Ministry of Higher EducationSalah Aljbour, Adnan Al-Harahshe, Nabeel Aljarah,Hussam Alhamidahد.ا.‏ 62,000
Impact of Treated Municipal Wastewater on Soil, Agriculture, Surface and Groundwater within the Mujib catchment area: Mutah and Al Mazar Wastewater Treatment Plant as a Case Study.2020Fund of Ministry of Higher EducationAdnan Al-Harahsheh,I. M. Oroud,Amjad A. Altarawneh,Saddam Ramaddenد.ا.‏ 84,000
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD