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" I am professor of chemical engineering at Mutah University,Jordan my research interests include Jordanian oil shale processing and utilization of oil shale ash in water and gas treatment processing, hydrocarbon processing. and energy saving in chemical engineering processes.."

Research Interest

Oil Shale Processing
Seperation Processes
Water and Environment
Energy & Energy Saving

Published Research

Physical and thermal properties of Jordanian tar sand Journal : Fuel Processing Technology , Volume : Publisher : , 2013
The leachability propensity of El- lajjun (Jordan) oil shale ash Journal : oil shale ash ,JJEES , Volume : Publisher : , 2012.
Effect of Solvent system on yield and fractional composition of bitumen extracted from El-Lajjun and Sultani oil shale Journal : Energy sources , Volume : Publisher : , 2010
Theoretical analysis of energy saving in indirect contact evaporative crystallization by using combined of vapor recompression heat pumps & throttling valve Journal : , Volume : Publisher : , 2010
impacts on surface water quality from the utilization of oil shale at Lajjoun area/ southern Jordan Using GIS and Leachability test, Journal : , Volume : Publisher : , 2010
Heating rate effect on fractional yield and composition of oil retoted from Ellajjun oil shale,,journal Journal : journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis , Volume : Publisher : , 2010
Leachability of oil shale ash from Isfir Al-Mahata Oil Shale, Journal : oil shale , Volume : Publisher : , 2016
Groundwater vulnerability Mapping of Jordanian phosphate mining area based on Phosphate concentration and GIS: Al-Abiad mine as a case study Journal : JESH , Volume : Publisher : , 2018
Extracting oil from used auto tires at low temperature after chemical treatment Journal : Waste Management , Volume : Publisher : , 2017
Effect of demineralization of El-lajjun Jordanian oil shale on oil yield Journal : Fuel Processing Technology , Volume : 90, 818-824Publisher : , 2009


Separation Processes
First Year
Fluid Mechanics
First Year
Petroleum Refining Engineering
First Year
Equipment design
First Year
Plant deign
First Year
Chemical Industries
First Year
Particulate Solid
First Year
Environmental impact assessment
First Year
Chemical Processes Safety
First Year
Industrial Organic Chemistry
First Year
Principles of Chemical Engineering
First Year

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