MUTAH University
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Plant Breeding (1101442)Fourth YearObjectives and Expected Learning Outcomes <br>• Understand the basic principles of&nbsp; breeding of crop plants <br>• Select appropriate breeding method in improving a specific crop. <br>• Solve simple problems in crop plants through application of genetic and plant breeding principles <br>• Communicate knowledge related to plant breeding <br>
Field Crops Production (1101321)Third Year <br>
Cereals and Pulses Third YearObjectives and Expected Learning Outcomes <br>• During this course, the students gain the knowledge about the most important useful cereals and pulses <br> <br>• Improve the knowledge about the importance of cereal and pulses in human nutrition, animal feeding and industry <br> <br>• The students are expected to become familiar with the climatic requirements and essential knowledge needed for cultivation and husbandry, harvest and storage of cereals and pulses
Advance Plant Breeding (1101488)MasterObjectives and Expected Learning Outcomes <br>• Students will become proficient at designing breeding programs and understanding why particular methodologies are more or less desirable for particular breeding goals in various species. <br>• Students will learn about the application of marker assisted selection and their role in classical plant breeding and understand their benefits and limitations. <br>• The students will be able to deal with literature related to plant breeding and crop improvement <br>
Plant Biotechnology (1101537)MasterObjectives and Expected Learning Outcomes <br>• Develop fundamental knowledge and techniques in Plant Molecular Biotechnology and its commercial application in agriculture, <br>• Improve knowledge about the most appropriate methods used in gene discovery, analyses and gene transfer <br>
Advanced Field Crop Production (1101321)MasterObjectives and Expected Learning Outcomes <br>• Improve&nbsp; knowledge about the physiological concepts related to field crops production <br> <br>• Looking deeper for limiting factors affecting field crops <br>
Course NameAcademic YearDescription