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" I am Professor Khalid M. Al-Absi. I am currently working as  a Professor  of plant physiology and fruit science at the University of Mutah since 2010. As a Prof. at the University of Mutah, I have gained valuable experience in teaching and supervision of graduate students. I taught many courses for under graduate and postgraduate students in the various horticultural sectors especially, plant physiology, fruit science, principles of horticulture and post harvest physiology.  I got my Ph.D from University of Jordan in 2000. I spent a sabbatical leave (September 2010- July 2011) at University of Kentucky, USA. Furthermore, I got a scholarship for 3 months from University of Humboldt, Berlin, Germany. My course research has covered a wide range of topics in the various plant issues (Use of wastewater and non-conventional saline resources, stress physiology and plant growth regulators).  In addition, I visited and lectured at many universities in Italy, Germany, Greece Spain and Lebanon. I have published many articles in international  peer reviewed journals (C.V attached).  I have sound knowledge of date palm cultivation. I was a partner in an international project funded by Tempus (EU, 800,000 euro, 2014-2017).."

Research Interest

Plant physiology
Postharvest physiology
Plant nutrition
Fruit science
Plant ecology

Published Research

Apple tree responses to deficit irrigation combined with periodic applications of particle film or abscisic acid. Journal :
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Mechanism of salt tolerance of two olive Olea europea L. cultivars as related to electrolyte concentration and toxicity. Journal :
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Growth and ionic relations in 'Nabali' olive during salinity stress as affected by salicylic acid and relief treatments. Journal :
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, 2009


Advanced plant physiology
Plant nutrition
Experimental design and analysis
Plant physiology
Second Year
Evergreen fruit trees
Second Year
Plant propagation and nurseries
Fourth Year
Postharvest physiology
Fourth Year

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