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Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Chemical composition of Nabali Jordanian olive oil.
A  AlSaed, A Carretero, K AlIsmail, H Aldomi, K Al-Absi, T Rababa, R. Ajo, H Bachouche, J Lozano sanchez.  
Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grass.
93 (1): 42
Apple tree responses to deficit irrigation combined with periodic applications of particle film or abscisic acid.
Al-Absi, K. and Archbold, D. . .
2(4): 1-12
Physiological Responses of Tomato to Inoculation with Piriformospora indica under Osmotic Stress and Chloride Toxicity.
Al-Absi, K. and Al-Ameiri, N. 
 International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry
5(4): 226-239.
Evaluation for salt stress tolerence in two strawberry cultivars.
Al-Shurafa, W., Mahadeen, A., and Al-Absi, K.
American Jornal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences.
9(3) 334-341.
Effect of olive mill wastewater land-spreading on soil properties,olive tree performance and oil quality
Ayoub, S., Al-Absi, K., Shdeifat, S., Majali, O and Hijazeen, D. 2014
Scientia Horticulturae.
Effect of irrigation regimes on water use efficiency and tomato yield (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) grown under an arid environment.
Mahadden. A.Y., Mohawesh, O. E., Al-Absi, K.M. and Al-Shareef, W.  
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science.
57(1): 105 - 114
Growth and biochemical constituents of olives as influenced by irrigation with treated industrial wastewater.
Al-Absi, K. M. 
Journal of Plant Nutrition.
33(1): 1-14.
Effect of different pre-sowing treatments on breaking dormancy of Prunus mahaleb L.
Al-Absi, K. M.   
Seed Science and Technology.
38: 332-340.
Effect of antitranspirant application on physiological and biochemical parameters of three orange cultivars grown under progressive water deficit.
Al-Absi, K.M., Mohawesh, O.E. and Tadros, M.J.
Advances in Horticultural Science. Italy.
24(3): 183-194.
Mineral content of three olive cultivars irrigated with treated industrial wastewater.
Al-Absi, K. M., Al-Nasir, F.M and A.Y. Mahadeen.
Agricultural Water Management.
96: 616-626.
Physiological Response of Two Apple Genotypes to Different Water Regimes under Semiarid Conditions.
Mohawesh, O.E. and Al-Absi, K.M.
Advances in Horticultural Science
23(3: (158-165.
Thinning intensity of ‘Ace Spur Delicious’ and 'Idared' apples with ethephon, benzyladenine and their combination.
 Al-Absi, K. M.  
Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences.
5(3): 237-250.
Olive oil mineral content of two local genotypes as influenced by recycled effluent irrigation under arid environment.
Al-Absi, K. M. and Mohawesh, O. E.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (Wiley).
89: 2082–2087
Growth and ionic relations in 'Nabali' olive during salinity stress as affected by salicylic acid and relief treatments.
Al-Absi. K. M.
Advances in Horticultural Science (Italy)
23(2): 101-107
Oil Quality and Quantity of Three Olive Cultivars as Influenced by Harvesting Date in the Middle and Southern Parts of Jordan.
Al-Maaitah, M. I., Al-Absi, K. M. and Al-Rawashdeh, A.
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology.
11(3): 266- 272.
Gas exchange, chlorophyll and growth response of three orange genotypes (Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck) to abscisic acid under progressive water deficit.
Al-Absi, K. M. 
Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences.
5(4) : 421- 433.
Effect of irrigation with treated industrial effluent on growth and biochemical constituents of olives.
18. Al-Absi, K. M.
Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
14: 564-575.
Diagnosing the nutritional status of apple orchards at south of Jordan.
Al –Nasir, F. M.  and K. M. Al-Absi. 
Arab Universities Journal of Agricultural Sciences.
13 (2): 459-469.
Performance and alternate bearing of seven pistachio cultivars grown under rainfed and marginal conditions at south of Jordan.
Al-Absi, K. M. and I. A. Al-Twissi.
 Zagazig Journal of Agricultural Research.
30(6): 2145- 2153.
Rooting response of ‘Nabali’ and ‘Improved Nabali’ olive cuttings to Indole Butyric Acid concentration and collection season.
Al-Absi, K. M.
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
6( 24 ): 2040-2043.
Yield performance of ‘Williams’ banana as influenced by irrigation water level and K fertilization rate.
Al-Absi, K. M.; A. Mahadeen and W. Al-Shareef.
Zagazig Journal of Agricultural Research.
30(4): 1491-1503.
Evaluation of quality features of seven pistachio cultivars grown under rainfed and marginal conditions in south of Jordan.
Al-Absi, K. M. ; A. Al-Twissi and M. Al-Talhouni.
 Minufia Journal of Agricultural Research.
28(4): 1193-1199.
Mechanism of salt tolerance of two olive Olea europea L. cultivars as related to electrolyte concentration and toxicity.
Al-Absi, K., Qrunfleh, M. and Abu-Sharar, T.
Acta Horticulturae.
Mechanism of salt tolerance of two olive cultivars (Olea europaea L.) as related to electrolyte concentration and toxicity.
Al-Absi, K.M., Qrunfleh, M. and Abu-Sharar, T.
 XXVI International Horticultural Congress. Toronto. Ontario. Canada
Response of Grapevines to Irrigation with Multicomponent Electrolyte Solutions in Presence of Chloride Salinity.
 Al-Absi, K. M.  
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences.
Journal 2005
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