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Published Research
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
The Impact of Social Responsibility Costs on Financial Performance of Jordanian BanksAwwad, Mohammad.S. & Alqaisi, ButhainahJordan Journal of Business AdministrationVol. 18, No 1 Jordan UniversityJournal2021
Big Five Personality Traits Impact on Entrepreneurial Intention: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial AlertnessAwwad, M.S. & AL-Aseer, R.M.N.Journal of Innovation and EntrepreneurshipVol. 15 No. 1, pp. 87-100Emerald Group PublishingJournal2021
The Impact of Corporate Entrepreneurship on the Performance of Jordanian Telecom CompaniesAwwad, M.S. & Al-Karaki, AbdallahJournal of King Abdulaziz University: Economics and AdministrationReviewKing Abdulaziz University - Saudi ArabiaJournal2020
The Effect of Evaluative Judgments on Service Encounters Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: The Moderating Role of Customers' Characteristics Awwad, Mohammad S. & Al-Majali, Sawsan M.Dirasat: Administrative SciencesVol. 43, No 1 (SUPPLEMENT-1)Jordan UniversityJournal2016
Electronic Library Services Acceptance and Use An Empirical Validation of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of TechnologyAwwad, Mohammad S. & Al-Majali, Sawsan M.The Electronic LibraryVol: 33 No. 6, pp. 1100-1120Emerald Group PublishingJournal2016
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Investigation of Factors Affecting Online Knowledge Sharing of Knowledge Training Centers in the MENA RegionAwwad, Mohammad S. & Al-jaafreh, Seham Studies in Business and Economics Vol. 18, No. 2, pp. 35-56Qatar UniversityJournal2015
Behavioral Responses to Sales Promotion Tools from Consumer’s ViewpointAwwad, Mohammad S. & Al-Majali, Sawsan M.Dirasat: Administrative SciencesVol. 42, No. 1Jordan UniversityJournal2015
Export Information Types and Importance from Jordanian Exporting Companies’ View Point Awwad, Mohammad S.Mutah Lil-Buhuth Wad-Dirasat Vol. 29, No. 5Mutah UniversityJournal2014
The Effect of Social Factors on Service Encounters Satisfaction and Customer LoyaltyAwwad, Mohammad S.Jordan Journal of Business Administration Vol. 10, No. 3Jordan UniversityJournal2014
Relationship Marketing and Customer Retention: The Case of Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Companies.Awwad, Mohammad S. & AL-Qralleh, ArwaDirasat: Administrative SciencesVol. 41 No. 2Jordan UniversityJournal2014
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Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Context of Industrial Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in JordanAwwad, Mohammad S. & Ali, HananeJournal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship Vol:14, Iss:1 Emerald Group PublishingJournal2012
The Organizational Commitment of Faculty Members of Jordanian and Algerian Universities: A Comparative AnalysisAwwad, Mohammad S. & Agti, DjouharaDirasat: Administrative SciencesVol:39, No. 2Jordan UniversityJournal2012
Consumer Attitudes toward Mobile Advertising: An Empirical Investigation among Jordanian UsersAwwad, Mohammad S.Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences Vol:27, Iss:1Emirates UniversityJournal2011
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Factors affecting Electronic Data Interchange implementation: The case of Jordanian commercial banksAwwad, Mohammad S. & Bensalah, MadjidaDirasat: Administrative SciencesVol: 38, No. 1 Jordan UniversityJournal2011
Assessing Online Registration System’s (ORS) Success: An Application of DeLone and McLean’s Model of Information Systems SuccessAwwad, Mohammad S. & Al-Mohammad, SamerStudies in Business and EconomicsVol: 15, No. 2 Qatar UniversityJournal2010
Factors Affecting Switching Behavior of Mobile Service Users: The Case of JordanAwwad, Mohammad S. & Neimat, BasharJournal of Economic & Administrative SciencesVol: 26, No. 1 Emerald Group PublishingJournal2010
Jordanian Consumers' Perception towards Shopping Centers AttractivenessAwwad, Mohammad S. & Ma'aitah, MokhlesMutah Lil-Buhuth Wad-DirasatVol: 25, No. 4 Mutah UniversityJournal2010
Investigation of Factors Influencing the Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking Services in JordanAwwad, Mohammad S. & Ghadi, MohammadDirasat: Administrative SciencesVol. 37, No. 2 Jordan UniversityJournal2010
Application of structural equation modeling to Investigate factors affecting the intention to adopt Internet Banking in JordanAwwad, Mohammad S.Jordan Journal of Business AdministrationVol. 5, No. 2 Jordan UniversityJournal2009
Website Quality Factors from Jordanian Universities Students’ viewpoint: an Exploratory StudyAwwad, Mohammad S.Jordan Journal of Business AdministrationVol. 2, No. 1 Jordan UniversityJournal2006
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The impact of exporting information sources on the exporting performance of the Jordanian exporting companiesAwwad, Mohammad S.Jordan Journal of Business AdministrationVol. 2, No. 4 Jordan UniversityJournal2006
Perceived justice in banking service encounters and its impact at Jordanian customer’s satisfactionAwwad, Mohammad S.Al-ManarahVol. 11, No. 2 Al al-Bayt UniversityJournal2005
Perceived Benefits of Electronic Commerce Applications’ Adoption by Jordanian CompaniesSheikh Salem, Fuad. & Awwad, Mohammad S.Al-Nahdah JournalVol. 6, No. 2 Cairo UniversityJournal2005
Perceived obstacles Of Electronic Commerce Applications’ Adoption By Jordanian CompaniesSheikh Salem, Fuad & Awwad, Mohammad S.Jordan Journal of Business AdministrationVol. 1, No. 1 Jordan UniversityJournal2005
Determinants of information search for financial services in JordanKhatib, Fahid. & Awwad, Mohammad S.Dirasat: Administrative SciencesVol. 30, No. 1Jordan UniversityJournal2003
Measuring the Service Quality of Marketing Information System Technology: The Case of Jordanian Commercial Banks SectorKhatib, Fahid & Awwad, Mohammad S.Mutah Lil-Buhuth Wad-DirasatVol. 18, No 4 Mutah UniversityJournal2003
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract