MUTAH University
TitleSupervisor/sStudent NameSpecializationLevelYearPublished or not?Publisher / Journal
TitleSupervisor/sStudent NameSpecializationLevelYearPublished or not?Publisher / Journal
Relationship Marketing and Customer Retention: The Case of Jordanian Mobile Telecom ServicesProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadArwa Al-QaralehMBAMaster2010publishedJordan University / Dirasat: Administrative Sciences
The Impact of Internal Marketing on Jordanian Commercial Banks' Market OrientationProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadDjouhara Ali AgtiMBAMaster2010PublishedEmerald Group Publishing / International Journal of Bank Marketing
Factors affecting Electronic Data Interchange Implementation and its impact on Marketing PerformanceProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadMajida Salah Al ArabiMBAMaster2009PublishedJordan University / Dirasat: Administrative Sciences
Jordanian Consumers' Perception towards Shopping Centers AttractivenessProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadMokhles A. Ma'aitahMBAMaster2008PublishedMutah University / Mutah Lil-Buhuth Wad-Dirasat
Switching Behavior of Mobile Users for Service Providers: The Case of JordanProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadBashar NiematMBAMaster2010PublishedEmerald Group Publishing / Journal of Economic & Administrative Sciences
The Impact of Information Systems and Customer Knowledge Management on Customer Relationship Management & customer Retention in Services SectorProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadSameer Mousa AL-JabalyManagementPhD2012Unpublished
The Impact of Corporate Entrepreneurship on the Performance of Jordanian Telecom companiesProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadAbdallah Abu Karaki MBAMaster2019Unpublished
Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage in the Jordanian Pharmaceutical IndustryProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadHaya Al-MajaliMBAMaster2019Unpublished
The Impact of Social Responsibility on Financial Performance of Commercial and Islamic Jordanian BanksProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadButhainah Al-QaisiMBAMaster2019Published Jordan University / Jordan Journal of Business Administration
Organizational Culture and Competitive Advantage: the Role of Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurial Orientation Prof. Dr. Mohammad AwwadOla AlmubaydeenMBAMaster2014Unpublished
Measuring health services quality gap A comparative study between public and private sectors in Amman cityProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadMuna Al-khresheh MBAMaster2013Unpublished
Factors Affecting Sport Fan Attendance in JordanProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadAhmad Jamal OdehMBAMaster2013Unpublished
Investigation of Factors Affecting Online Knowledge Sharing Usage Behavior of Knowledge Training Centers in the MENA RegionProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadSeham Ahmad Al-jaafreh MBAMaster2013PublishedQatar University / Studies in Business and Economics
The Intention to Use Online Application Program “Hafiz” To Search for Job in Saudi ArabiaProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadSaad Abdulah Alsunaid MBAMaster2012Unpublished
Managers’ Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Context of Industrial Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in JordanProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadHanane Ali Yakhlef Kada Ali MBAMaster2011PublishedEmerald Group Publishing / Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship
The Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Loyalty in Beauty SaloonsProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadHazem Mohammad Al_Kasassbeh MBAMaster2012Unpublished
The effect of E-business practices on value creation in Jordanian commercial banks: A Managerial perspectiveProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadKamel Sulieman Al Tarawneh MBAMaster2010Unpublished
Investigation of Factors Influencing the Intention to Adopt Mobile Banking Services in JordanProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadMohammed Yasin GhadiMBAMaster2007PublishedJordan University / Dirasat: Administrative Sciences
The effect of Leadership style on market orientation: the mediating role of internal marketing/an empirical study in Jordanian commercial banksProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadFarah Mohammad LafiMBAMaster2020
Analysis of The Impact of Economic Blockade on Business, Consumers, Trade and Prices: The Case of Qatar StateProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadNoora Al-MarriMBAMaster2020
Big Five Personality Traits Impact on Entrepreneurial Intention for Jordanian Universities Students: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial AlertnessProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadRana “Mohammad Najati” AL-AseerMBAMaster2020Published Emerald Group Publishing / Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Impact of Organizational Socialization Tactics on Organizational Commitment The Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational SupportProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadYazan Mohammad Khlaif AlqataminMBAMaster2020
The Effect of perceived justice on the Employees’ Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Pay Level SatisfactionProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadRewa Nasser Al SmadiMBAMaster2020
An Analysis of Macroeconomic Determinants of Unemployment in the Arab countries: The Mediating Role of New Businesses DensityProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadRonza R QussousMBAMaster2020
The mediating role of competitive advantage in the relationship between intellectual capital and financial performance of the banks listed on the Amman Stock ExchangeProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadAli QtaishatMBAMaster2020
Total Quality Management: an approach to improving the performance of public institutions in the State of Kuwait, applying to the Ministry of Social Affairs.Prof. Dr. Mohammad AwwadAbdullah Badr Al-DuwailahMBAMaster2021
Investigating the financial indicators affecting employees turnover rate in the jordanian pharmaceutical industryProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadHaya AlhiyariMBAMaster2021
The Impact of Customers Knowledge Sharing on Customer Retention of Jordanian Commercial Banks: The Mediating Role of Market OrientationProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadNoor Moh’d Al NassraweenMBAMaster2021
The Role of Small Enterprise in Empowering Women in the Southern Governorates of The Hashemite Kingdom of JordanProf. Dr. Mohammad AwwadBashar Abdul Rahim Al AsasfaMBAMaster
TitleSupervisor/sStudent NameSpecializationLevelYearPublished or not?Publisher / Journal