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Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
- (1301111) Basketball (1) First Year      This course addresses different information in order to provide the students the technical bases of skills in basketball as well as providing them with the related legal aspects so to enable them to master the teaching and learning methods of skills specified for the different age groups , in addition to demonstrating the theoretical aspects and historical origins.
- (1301317) Advanced Basketball Third YearThis course aims at teaching students regarding the technical, educational and legal aspects of the basic skills in the basketball, in order to help them acquire the skills and methods of teaching, as well as the basic defensive and offensive motor skills of individual and group teams, and applying them to different playing situations , in addition to recognizing the methods of building offensive and defensive plans in theory and practice. On the other hand, the students are introduced to general and private physical preparation for basketball players, the preparation of training plans, the principles of selecting the players, as well as  recognizing the rules of the game and practicing refereeing.
- (1301403) sports training scienceFourth YearThis course deals with the importance of sports training and the scientific basis on which it is based; it focuses on the basics and principles adopted in the training programs in terms of the training load and its intensity  . The course also examines the concept of sports training , its educational characteristics, objectives and tasks ( the basic elements composing the training process). It investigates the modern theories and methods of sports training and provides the students with the methods of developing physical qualities and skills in order to achieve the required technical level of the athlete as well as the basic rules of sports planning.
- (1301107) The Physical Exercises First YearThe course of physical exercise includes a set of basic postures through which physical exercises are given. The course includes the mechanisms of writing the physical exercises in the correct scientific way, as well as the method of calling for these exercises in order to include all the parts of calling; it also includes the couple exercises and tools exercises, so as to identify the parts of the body, the mechanism of giving exercise to different parts of the body, and identifying the muscles considered for each exercise, both in general and private warm-ups, and the exercises relating to natural therapy.
- (1301106) Physical Fitness First YearThis course aims to study the basic concepts, principles, elements, types of Physical Fitness, as well as the methods of developing , testing and measuring it, with a focus on the practical application related to raising the fitness level of students as one of the main requirements for the students' motor and skilled ability.
- (1301209) Volleyball (1) First YearThis course addresses  different information about volleyball in order to provide the students with the technical bases for the performance of some skills in volleyball . it also aims to provide students with the legal aspects of the game to enable them to master the basic skills as well as teaching and learning methods of the skills specified , in addition to demonstrating the most important aspects of the theoretical and historical origins.
- (1301409) Volleyball (2) Second YearThe course aims at providing the students with the theoretical knowledge of volleyball history, international law, the basic and tactical skills, by emphasizing  the methods of teaching and applying the tactical basic skills in legal terms, using the educational and training aids that help them learn and apply them, in addition to promoting the elements of general and specific physical fitness. The course also emphasizes the  methods of playing as well as offensive and defensive plans.
- (1301409) Advanced Volleyball Fourth YearThis course includes topics that are related to physical and skilled  preparation for volleyball players, individual and team offensive and defensive plans, as well as physical and skilled tests and measurement in the field of planning. The course also addresses mini volleyball and beach volleyball, as well as the ways of selecting players, as well as the exploration , analysis, and injuries to volleyball players . it also includes advanced practical applications, the methods of leading the team, in addition to the law of the game and the opportunity to perform refereeing in practice.
- (1301409) Basketball (2) Third YearThis course includes information related to the methods of playing basketball as well as integrating the physical and technical elements in the skills of individual and team play in addition to developing the abilities of students to learn the duties of the playing positions, and use law in teaching some skills of game control and management .
- (1301211) Badminton and table tennis (1) First YearThis course addresses the historical development of badminton and table tennis. It also aims at introducing the students to the events and rules relating to each game, and preparing them physically and technically to perform the skills of each game, in addition to providing the students with the basic skills of these games and how to teach them, besides promoting the student's physical abilities, to the extent that enables them to perform the specified skills, and providing the student with the kinetic and mechanical bases and the teaching methods for each game, besides recognizing the  legal articles for each game , so that the students realize  attack and defense methods of each game.
- (1301320) badminton and table tennis (2) Third YearThis course aims at defining the general objectives of both (badminton, table tennis), as well as the tools used in the game, as well as providing the students with the basic rules of the law for the game and the ways of managing, organizing and arbitrating the game, in addition to focusing on teaching them how to perform basic and advanced skills, besides using the educational and training methods that help to learn and apply the plans for singles and doubles, as well as providing them with special exercises to promote the physical elements required for both games, in addition to demonstrating the ways of analyzing the skilled and tactical performance for each game, and providing them with the knowledge  relating to the common racket games injuries.
Basketball trainingFirst YearThis course addresses training the technical domains related to the offensive and defensive skills, the ways of applying them, the ways of constructing the offensive and defensive tactical plans, the international basketball law theoretically and practically, as well as the basics of selecting athletes, preparing them physically and analyzing matches.
Advanced applications in training basketballThird YearThis courses addresses advanced training in terms of the technical domains for offensive and defensive skills, the ways of applying them, the methods of building offensive and defensive tactics. The course also addresses teaching the student the ways of setting the training tactical plan as well as the tactical analysis before and during the matches based on the different training situations.
Physical fitness trainingFirst YearThis course aims at introducing the students to the methods of promoting the elements of physical fitness, such as speed, power, fitness, flexibility, balance and the efficiency of a healthy respiratory system as well as maintaining the high fitness levels for the students. The course also addressed the importance of physical fitness in sports training, the importance of physical fitness for the different games, as well as the importance of physical fitness in daily life and its impact on the individual and society.
The methods of physical preparation for athletesSecond Year This course addresses the complete physical preparation of students as well as providing them with the necessary knowledge and information related to physical preparation, the ways of developing and promoting them, the ways of testing and evaluating them, in addition to the ways of using the training devices, and the appropriate methods of developing the different physical fitness components.
Course NameAcademic YearDescription