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Published Research
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
The impact of using educational software on the skilled performance level of throwing the ball from stability in basketballthe Journal of Mu'tah for Research and StudiesJournal2011
The reality of modern study plans that include the skills of creative thinking among physical education students at the University of JordanThe Second Sports Creativity Conference - The University of Jordan - the Faculty of Physical EducationConference2011
The impact of the difference of training methods on performance time in the abdominal-crawl swimmingthe University of Jordan / the Journal of StudiesJournal2008
The impact of learning basketball in the courses of the Faculty of Physical Education on improving the educational skills of field training studentsAl-Yarmouk UniversityJournal2006
The impact of a training program for fitness accompanying the teaching of basketball course on the psychomotor domain amomg the female students of the Faculty of Physical Education / Al-Yarmouk Universitythe specialized scientific journal of Physical EducationJournal2005
Developing criterion tests to evaluate the performance of players in basketballthe Specialized Scientific Journal for Physical EducationJournal2005
Job satisfaction among the faculty members in the faculties of Physical Education at the universities of Mu'tah and Yarmoukthe specialized scientific journal of Physical EducationJournal2005
The causes of the low level of performance among the school sports teams in the schools of directorate of education in Al-Karak Governorate from the perspective of physical education teachersthe Journal of Sports Science and Arts, the Faculty of Physical Education for Girls- the university of HelwanJournal2004
The impact of using different motives on the level of motivation towards the skilled performance in basketball /A field studyAl-Yarmouk Research JournalJournal2003
Evaluating the performance of the national team of basketball in the ninth Arab champion, held in Amman, 1999,Mu'tah Journal for research and studies16 ( Vol. 16), (No.4/2001).Journal2001
The kinematic analysis of smashing backhand and spiral backhand for some table tennis players in the south of JordanThe Journal of Mu'tah for Research and Studies15 (Vol. 15) No. (1/2001) .Journal2001
Measuring some bio functions and the percentage of fat as well as its relationship to the physical efficiency of the basketball player. The Journal of Mu'tah for Research and Studies15(Vol. 15) No. 1/2001 .Journal2001
"Comparing three different methods of proposed exercises for developing the explosive power of the legs among basketball players." the Journal of the University of Jordan StudiesJournal2001
The most common sports injuries among the players of national teams for the racquet sports (table tennis, ground tennis, squash, badminton)the scientific journal (the Science and Arts of Sports ), the University of Helwan - the faculty of Physical Education for GirlsJournal2001
The attitudes of Mu'tah University students towards practicing sports activities. Accepted for publication in the first Sports Scientific Conference for the Arab Faculties of Physical Education on 14/ 8/1999.Conference1999
Investigating the problems facing school sports in the southern governorates from the perspective of male and female teachers of Physical Education . Published in Mu'tah Journal for Research and Studies4the fourth edition, on 25/11/1998.Journal1998
The impact of a proposed training program using feedback on developing the speed and skilled performance in basketball among the students of the Department of Physical Education at Mu'tah University - Jordan.Al-Yarmouk Journal for ResearchesJournal1998
Obstacles Against the Educational Supervision As Perceived by Teachers of Physical Education District of Southern Mazar Euro Journals23Journal
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract