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Research Interest

interested in palm trees from its all side, because of little information that is available in Jordan.
Adding real evidence about Jordan historical and religious importance through existing wild date palm in Baptism.
Searching for new regions where wild date palm could be found.
Searching for races that tolerate to disease, salt and heat and how to transfer it to cultivar.
Domestication the wild date palm and observed it physiologically under new conditions.

Published Research

Effects of Water Spray Timing After Pollination on Fruit Set, Yield, Physical and Chemical Properties of Two Date Palm Cultivars‏ Journal : Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare , Volume : 9 (10), 74-80Publisher : , 2019
Characterization and Assessment of Genetic Diversity of Wild Date Palm ( Phoenix Dactylifera L. ) in Jordan Journal : Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences , Volume : 173:1-20Publisher : , 2015


Organic farming
Fourth Year
Principles in plant production
Second Year
Principles in plant protection
Second Year
Date palm production
Third Year
Nurseries and plant propagation
First Year
• Practical applied in agronomy.
Fourth Year
• Practical applied in fruit tree.
Fourth Year
Research methods.
Fourth Year

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