MUTAH University
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Course NameAcademic YearDescription
Modeling and Simulation.Fourth Year
Numerical Techniques.Third Year
Computer skills I (Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet).First Year
Computer skills II (Visual Basic 6 and Access).First Year
Computer Architecture.Fourth Year
Computer Networks.Fifth Year
Computer Interface.Fifth Year
Operating systems.Third Year
Microprocessors (Structures, Circuits and Programming). Lab.Fourth Year
Data Transfer.Fourth Year
Logic Design (Logic Circuits).Third Year
Electronics I (Analogue).Second Year
Electronics II (Circuits).Second Year
Electronic circuits and Devices.Third Year
Electronics III (Digital Devices and Applications).Third Year
Electronics and microprocessors.Third Year
Medical Devices.Fifth Year
Medical Electronics.Fifth Year
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation.Third Year
Electronics Interfacing.Fourth Year
Semiconductors micro Technology.Third Year
Electrical Materials.Third Year
Electrical Engineering for Mechanical engineersSecond Year
Electric Circuits.Second Year
General Electrical Engineering for civil EngineersThird Year
Course NameAcademic YearDescription