MUTAH University
Funded Research
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD
Novel methods to develop renewable water resources, to mathematically model their dynamics together with that of existing water resources, and to deduce and validate optimal water resources portfolio 2014Japan Society for promotion Science (JSPS) Kyoto University, Graduate School ofAgriculture, Water Resources Division. Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 200,000
A novel dew collection method in harsh environment2016Japan Society for promotion Science (JSPS)Kyoto University, Graduate School of Agriculture, Water Resources Division. Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 50,000
Transboundary water resources and climate change in Jordan.2012NATOMinistry of Enviroment and Conservation, Water Resources Management Division, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 200,000
Utilizing Biochar Technology for sustainable agriculture and water resources management in Jordan.2014EU-SRTDIINational Centerfor Agricultural Research and Extension. Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 25,000
Effect of amendment with olive mill wastewater on soil properties, soil humic content and plant growth performance under semi a rid conditions .2016Scientific Research fund (SRF), Ministry of Higher Education.Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 50,000
Effect of Deficit Irrigation regimes on root knot nematode and its host plant. 2011Scientific Research fund (SRF), Ministry of Higher Education.Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 50,000
Evaluation and development of Pedotransfer Functions (PTF) for predicting Soil Moisture Retention Curve (MRC), available water and saturated hydraulic c onductivity (Ks) for Jordanian agricultural soils .2008Mutah University Jordan valley Authority. Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 10,000
Water scarcity and sustainable growth: Using water harvesting techniques, pitcher irrigation and greywater to combat desertification, building green b elts to improve livelihood opportunities for people through securing food in arid regions.2010ICARDANational Center for Agricultural Research and Extension Jordan University of Science and Technology. Mutah Universityد.ا.‏ 15,000
Project TitleDateSponsorsParticipantsQuantity JD