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" Prof. Osama Mohawesh is a professor in Water Resourcesc and Environmental Engineering, Mutah University. His PhD is from Tokyo University for Agriculture and Technology, Japan. Dr. Mohawesh published more than 40 scientific papers in national and international journals. In addition, more than 20 abstracts were published in different conferences. He is a referee in many local and international Journals. Furthermore, Dr. Mohawesh has awarded Japan, JASSO, DAAD, and DFG scholarships.."

Research Interest

Smart Irrigation
Water Resources Management
Waste water Reuse
Sustainable Agriculture
Irrigation and Drainage
Capacity building
Curriculum Development

Published Research

Effect of olive mill wastewater (OMW) application on soil properties and wheat growth performance under rain fed conditions. Journal : Water, Air, & Soil Pollution , Volume : 230:160 (First online) Publisher : Springer , 2020
Time periodic optimal policy for operation of a water storage tank using the dynamic programming approach. Journal : Applied Mathematics and Computation , Volume : 353: 418 431.Publisher : Elsevier , 2019
Prototype and model of solar driven desalination plant in arid environment. Journal : Thermal Science , Volume : Fisrt online (accepted)Publisher : Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia , 2020
Greenhouse evaluation of biochar to enhance soil properties and plant growth performance under arid environment. Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Journal : Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science , Volume : 24 (6): 1012Publisher : Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria , 2018
Comparing a Smartphone Irrigation Scheduling Application with Water Balance and Soil Moisture based Irrigation Methods: Part I‚ÄĒPlasticulturePlasticulture--grown Tomato. Journal : HortTechnology , Volume : 28 (3): 354 361.Publisher : American Society for Horticultural Science , 2018
A unique value function for an optimal control problem of irrigation water intake from a reservoir harvesting flash floods. Journal : Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment , Volume : 32 (11): 3169 3182Publisher : Springer , 2018
Effect of bentonite, hydrogel and biochar on soil hydraulic properties and water holding capacity from saturation to oven dryness. Pedosphere Journal : Pedosphere , Volume : (29) 5, 598-607Publisher : Elsevier , 2019
Assessment of structured and homogenized soil samples effect on soil hydraulic properties. Journal : Eurassian Soil Science , Volume : 50 (9): 1077 1085.Publisher : Springer , 2017
Utilizing deficit irrigation to enhance growth performance and water use efficiency of eggplant in arid environments. Journal : Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology , Volume : 18 (1): 265 276.Publisher : Tarbiat Modares University Press , 2016
Field evaluation of deficit irrigatio n on tomato growth performance, water use efficiency, and control of parasitic nematode infection. Journal : South African Journal of Plant and Soil , Volume : 33(2): 125 133.Publisher : Taylor and Francis Group , 2016


Princples of Irrigation and Draiange
Third Year
Soil-Plant-Water Relations
Fourth Year
Practical course in Irrigation and Drainage principles
Fourth Year

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