MUTAH University
Published Research
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
A Comparison of Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocols,Saif. E. A. AlnawaysehInformation Technology JournalVolume 15, Issue 2, 2016).Information Technology JournaJournal2016
Performance Evaluation for Underwater Acoustic Communications Utilizing low Complexity Encoding and Decoding AlgorithmsSaif. E. A. Alnawaysehand AserMatranehJordan Journal of Electrical EngineeringVolume 2, Issue 3Jordan Journal of Electrical EngineerinJournal2016
Performance Comparison of Coded OFDM System with Cooperative Diversity and Multi Antenna Receiver Diversity Using QAM ModulationSaif. E. A. AlnawaysehJordan Journal of Electrical EngineeringVolume 1, Issue 2, 2015, P (1-13).Jordan Journal of Electrical EngineeringJournal2015
Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Versus Receiver Coded DiversitySaif E. A. Alnawayseh1, Pave l Loskot, Mutaz Al-Tarawneh, and Ziyad Ahmed Al TarawnehWSEAS TRANSACTIONS on COMMUNICATIONSVolume 14Journal2015
A CPU-Guided Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) of Off-Chip Buses in Homogenous Multicore ProcessorsMutaz Al-Tarawneh, Ziyad. A. Al Tarawneh, Saif E. A. AlnawaysehInternational Review on Computers and Software (I.RE.CO.S.)Volume 10, Issue 7Journal2015
Order Statistics Based List Decoding Techniquesfor Linear Binary Block Codes• Saif . E. A. Alnawayseh , P. LoskotEURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking. TheoryspringerJournal2012
Complexity Reduction of Order StatisticsDecoding Based on High Reliable CRCs Saif . E. A. Alnawayseh and P. LoskotIEEE Comm. Letters 16(2):249-251IEEEJournal2012
Cooperative Versus Receiver Coded DiversityWith Low-Complexity Encoding and DecodingSaif. E. A. Alnawayseh and P.LoskotProc. IEEE VTC’10Spring pp. 1–5.IEEEConference2010
Decode-and-forward cooperation as thedistributed encoding and decodingSaif. E. A. Alnawayseh and P. LoskotProc.IEEE ISWCS’10pp. 656-660IEEEConference2010
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract