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Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Implementation of Quality Control Analysis Techniques on a Blood Product as a Case-StudySalloom A. Al-Juboori1 and Fatima Al-AanazyPROCEEDING FOR 4th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE, AIIC 2016, 27-29 May, PamukKale, Turkey4,1-27European scientific InstituteConference206
Improving the corrosion resistance of carbon steel cylindrical pipe by nano-materials coating, part -2 Salloom A. Al-Juboori and Dana AlshamailehInternational Journal for Science, Technics and Innovations for Industry. ISSN 1313-0226 , issue-3, 2021 3/2021 , 79-84SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL UNION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING "INDUSTRY 4.0"Journal2021
Improving the Corrosion Resistance of Carbon Steel Cylindrical Pipe by Nano-Materials Coating, Part -1.Salloom A. Al-Juboori, and Dana AlshamailehInternational Journal for Science, Technics and Innovations for Industry. ISSN 1313-0226 , issue-3, 2021 3/2021 SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL UNION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGJournal2021
Effective Application of LEAN Manufacturing on Leading Industrial Company as a Case Study1Salloom, A., Al-Juboori , Mohannad Y. Al-Bashabsheh and 2 Omer Nawaf MaaitahInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME) ISSN (P): 2319-2240; ISSN (E): 2319-2259 Vol. 9, Issue 1, Dec–Jan 2020; 21-42 © IASET9, 21-42International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME)Journal2020
Improving the Linearized stresses resistance by Nano-Coating, Part-21Salloom A. Al-Juboori and Mohammad Albtoosh 1Engineering Faculty /Mutah University / AlKark/ Jordan Email: YEAR V, ISSUE 1 (7), SOFIA, BULGARIA 2020 VOLUME I “HIGH TECHNOLOGIES”1,11-21SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL UNION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY-4.0Conference2020
Conflict Management Of Construction Projects –A Case Study Kuwait International Airport Cargo CitySalloom A. Al-Juboori and Mohammad K. AlazemiInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME) ISSN(P): 2319-2240; ISSN(E): 2319-2259 Vol. 8, Issue 3, Apr - May 2019; 45-54 Impact Factor (JCC): 5.2089 IASET,Click HereJournal2019
Improving the Mechanical Properties of Conventional Materials by Nano-Coating, Part-1Salloom A. Al-Juboori and Mohammed AlbotooshInternational scientific conference, Material science "non equilibrium phase transformations” 09-12 September, 2019, Varna, Bulgaria, proceeding, ISSN: (print) 2535-0218, ISSN: (online) 2535-0226 Proceeding ,9-16SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL UNION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BULGARIAClick HereConference2019
Employees Brain Dominance Thinking Style of Arab Potash CompanySundos E. Al-shamaylh, Sultan A. Al-Tarawenh & Salloom A. Al-JubooriInternational Journal of General Engineering and Technology (IJGET) ISSN(P): 2278-9928; ISSN(E): 2278-9936 Vol. 8, Issue 1, Dec- Jan 2019; 19-38 © IASET8,20-38International academy of science, engineering ane technologyJournal2019
Solar Energy Assessment of Molten Salts as Thermal Storage MediumsSalloom A. Al-Juboori and Hala ShawwrehProceeding of 13th International Scientific Forum, ISF 2018, 04-06 October 2018, Fez, Morocco 13,1-18European Science InstituteConference2018
Economic impact of thermal insulation of the building's envelopeSalloom A. Al-Juboori12th International Scientific Forum, ISF 2018, 26-27 April 2018, Prague, Czech Republic12,129-155European Scientific Institute, ESI (publishing)Journal2018
Wind Power Generation Utilizing a Special Buildings Layout Design To Enhance the Wind SpeedSalloom, A., Al-Juboori and Rasha AlrawashdehEuropean Scientific Journal February 2018, Edition Vol. 14, No. 6, ISSN: 1857-7881 (print)e-ISSN: 1857-743114, 303-329European Scientific JournalJournal2018
Work stress management in constructions industry and the contractor's commitment level with Labor lawSalloom, A., Al-Juboori * and Mohammad K. AlazemiProceeding of 7th International Scientific Forum, Isf 2017, 7-9 February, Oxford, U.K, European Scientific 7, 1-13European Scintific InstituteJournal2017
Role of Engineering Management in Reducing the Construction Projects DelaySalloom A. Al-Juboori *, Mohammad K. AlazemiInternational Journal of Managerial Studies and Research (IJMSR) Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2017, PP 91-99 ISSN 2349-0330 (Print) & ISSN 2349-0349 (Online) www.arcjournals.org5,91-99International Journal of Managerial Studies and Research (IJMSR)Journal2017
The Impact of Applying the Total Quality Management and Kaizen Methods on the Maintenance of Electricity and Water sectorsSalloom A. Al-Juboori and Fawaz A. Al-AzemiEuropean Scientific Journal August 2016, ed. Vol. 12,No. 24 ISSN 1857-7881 (print)e-ISSN 1857-743112, 212-222European Scientific JournalJournal2016
Implementation of Total Management to Improve the Poultry Feed Manufacturing processesSalloom A. Al-Juboori * and Sufyan ShahtaPROCEEDING FOR 5th GLOBAL ACADEMIC MEETING, GAM 2016, 24-26 March, Budapest, Hungary5, 1-22European Scientfic InstituteConference2016
Modeling and Managing of Random and Sudden Demand of InventoryAfrah , M. , Al-Tarawneh* and Salloom , A. , Al-JubooriProceeding of 5th Global Academic Meeting, Gam 2016, 24-26 March, Budapest, Hungary, ISBN 978-608-4642-48-05,1-26European scientific InstituteConference2016
Medical Devices Service Life Cycle Cost Management in AL KARAK Hospital as a case studyNisreen HJ1*, Salloom AJ1 and Omer NM2Journal Account Market, vol. 4, 20154, 1-8Accounting & MarketingJournal2015
The Achievement of Safety Management in Arab Potash CompanyOmer Nawaf Maaitah and Salloom Al-JubooriPhysical Sciences Research International Vol. 2(4), December 2014,Full Length Research Paper2, 1-22Physical Sciences Research InternationalJournal2014
Influence of Oil-Mixtures and Engine Components Inversion on Wear rate of I.C EnginesSaloom A. Aljbury and Ammar A. Al-Rousan*Muta'h Lil-Buhuth Wad-Dirasat (Natural and Applied Sciences Series), vol.( 31 ), No.4 , , 2010 25,125-144Mutah UniversityJournal2010
Performance Detection of sliding Journal bearing using Acoustic Emission TecniqueS. A. Al-Jibury 1 , Muafag S. TarawnehMuta'h Lil-Buhuth Wad-Dirasat (Natural and Applied Sciences Series), vol.(24), No.1 , , 2009 24, 73-86Mutah UniversityJournal2009
Corrosion Protection of steel reinforcement in concertSaloom A. Al-JubooriJournal of corrosion, vol. 21, No. 17 , 200721, 150-169Journal of corrosionJournal2007
Design and implementation of the active radial magnetic bearing Salloom A. Al-JubooriEng. Tech., vol. 21, No. 17 , 20072007, 173-199High Techology JournalJournal2007
A study of wear and friction characteristics of turning and drilling toolsSalloom A. Al-JubooriWear, vol.37, No 4, pp. 297- 310 ,200237,297-310Wear JournalJournal2002
Design for parts made from powder metallurgySalloom A. A-JubooriEng. & Tech.,vol.34, pp. 322- 331 ,200234, 322-331High techology JournalJournal2002
A study of wear and friction characteristics of turning and drilling toolsSalloom A. Al-Juboori and Jwad KhazumWear, vol.37, No 4, pp. 297- 310 ,200237,297-310wear JournalJournal2002
Investigation of properties and optimum design of fiber-reinforced composite shell of aircraft structure Salloom A. Al-Juboori and Hisham HamedASME.vol. 40, pp. 182-194 ,200240, 182-194ASMEJournal2002
Analysis of aircraft bearings failure due to impact landing forces Salloom A. Al-Juboori and Faraj HussenEng. & Tech.,vol.36,200136, 20-39high Techology JournalJournal2001
Investigation of heat transfer between the surfaces during the relative motion between themSalloom A. Al-JubooriProc. of Eng. Tech.8th, pp. 34- 47 ,20018, 34-47Baghdad UniversityConference2001
Wing design and construction of unmanned aircraft Salloom A. Al-Juboori and kussay AliJournal A/C,vol.12, pp. 131-147 ,200112, 131-147Aircraft JournalJournal2001
The influence of tooth profile on gear performance under dynamic loading Salloom A. Al-Juboori and Daraa MohammedJ. of Eng. vol.16, pp. 230-241 ,200016,230-241Baghdad UniversityJournal2000
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract