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Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract
Hazardous Toxic Elements Mobility in Burned Oil Shale Ash, and Attempts to Attain Short- and Long- Term Solidification. Tayel El-Hasan, Nizar Abu-Jaber Nafeth Abdelhadi Oil Shale. 36(2S):226-249.Estonian Academy PublishersJournal2019
Geochemistry, mineralogy and origin of the shallow water sediments collected along the eastern shore of the northern part of the Dead Sea. Tayel El-Hasan, Nizar Abu-Jaber Carbonate and Evaporites.34:975-985.SpringerJournal2019
Optimization of phosphogypsum by-production using orthophosphoric acid as leaching solvent with different temperatures and leaching time periods,Monther Abdelhadi, Nafeth Abdelhadi Tayel El-Hasan. Earth Science Research. 7(2):320-328.The Canadian Center of Science and EducationJournal2018
Environmental impact assessment of the combustion process of Oil shale from central Jordan.Tayel El-Hasanil Shale. 35(1):70-83.Estonian Academy PublishersJournal2018
High Calcium Ash Incorporating Into Clay, Sand and Cement Mortars Used for Encapsulation of Some Heavy Metals.Tayel El-Hasan Basam Mahasneh Nafeth Abdelhadi Monther Abdelhadi Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences (JJEESVolume 6, (Special Publication, Number 3: 23- 28.Deanship of Scientific Research, The Hashemite University, Zarqa, Jordan.Journal2015
Environmental and Health Assessment of the Land Pilgrims Reception Centre in Al-Madinah Al-MunawarahAwwad, A., Habeeballah, T. El-Hasan,T. King Abdulaziz University Journal for Environment and Arid Region Sciences25(2): 197-221.Deanship of Scientific Research; King Abdulaziz UniversityJournal2014
The Characteristics of Cement Mortars Utilizes the Untreated Phosphogypsum Wastes Generated From Fertilizer Plant, Aqaba- JordanAbdelhadi, N. Abdelhadi, M. El-Hasan, T. Jordan Journal For Earth and Environmental Sciences JJEES6(2):61-66.Deanship of Scientific Research, The Hashemite University, Zarqa, JordanJournal2014
The Climate change implication on Jordan: A case study using GIS and Artificial Neural Networks for weather forecastingMatouq, M. El-Hasan, T. Al-Bilbisi, H. Abdelhadi, M. Hindiyeh, M. Eslamia, S. Duheisat, S. Journal of Taibah University for Science. 7:44-55.Deanship of Scientific research; Taibah University Journal2013
Field and Dual Magnetic Susceptibility Proxies Implication for Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment in the Urban Soil of Al-Karak City, South Jordan.El-Hasan, T., Lataifeh, M. Environmental Earth Sciences. 69(7): 2299-2310.SpringerJournal2013
Mineralogy, geochemistry, and origin of felsic dike swarms in Aqaba complex (Wadi Al-Yutum), South Jordan.Hassan Al-Fugha, Tayel El-Hasan, Ahmad Al-Malabeh, Arwa Hamaideh, Ahmad El-Mezayen Arabian Journal of Geosciences.6(10):3979-3987.SpringerJournal2013
Characterization and possible industrial applications of tripoli outcrops at Al-Karak provinceEl-Hasan, T., Al-Hamaideh, H. Jordan Journal of Earth & Environmental Science4(Special Publication, Number 2):63-66Deanship of Scientifc research, The Hashemite UniversityJournal2012
Zinc adsorption-desorption isotherms: Possible effects on the calcareous vertisol soils from JordanHararah, M.A. Al-Nasir, F. El-Hasan, T. l-Muhtaseb, A.H. Environmental Earth Sciences.65:2079-2085.SpringerJournal2012
Cr(VI)/Cr(III) and As(V)/As(III) Ratio Assessments in ordanian Spent Oil Shale Produced by Aerobic Combustion and Anaerobic PyrolysisEl-Hasan,T. Szczerba, W. Radtke, M. Riesemeier, H. Buzanich, G. Kersten, M. Environmental Science & Technology45(22): 9799-9805.American Chemical Society.Journal2011
Inorganic chemistry, granulometry and mineralogical characteristics of the dust fall over phosphate mine adjacent area, central Jordan.Hamaiedah, H. El-Hasan, T. Environmental Earth Sciences 62(8):1771-1777.SpringerJournal2011
Decontamination and Adsorption Modelling of Aqueous Co+2 and Pb+2 Ions Using Natural Inorganic Materials: Tripoli (NT) and Bentonite (NB)Nawash Al-Ghezawi Mohammed A. Al-Anber Zaid Ahmed Al-Anber ayel El-Hasan Idrees Al-Momani . Desalination and Water Treatment. 24 (December 2010) 336–343.Balaban Publishers Journal2010
Heavy metal and anionic contamination in the water and sediments in Al-Mujib Reservoir, central Jordan.Manasrah, W. Hilat, I. EL-Hasan, T. Environmental Earth Sciences 60(3):613-621. SpringerJournal2010
Mineralogy and Chemistry of Coronadite from Middle Cambrian Manganese deposits at Wadi Dana, South Jordan. El-Hasan, T. Al-Malabeh, A.American Journal of Applied Sciences. 6(4): 576-581.Science PublicationsJournal2009
Toxic Element Levels in the Phosphate Deposits of Central Jordan. Batarseh, M. El-Hasan, T. Soil & Sediment Contamination18:205-215.Journal2009
Heavy Metal Distribution and Speciation in the Dead Sea Black Mud, Jordan.Momani, K. El-Hasan, T. Auaydeh, S. Al-Nawayseh, K. Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences (JJEES); Special publication:2(1): 50-59.Deanship of Scientific research; The Hashemite UniversityJournal2009
Comparative Study Between Geochemical and Magnetic Characteristics Of Spinel Lherzolite Mantle Xenoliths From Jabal Remah Volcano, Jordan. Al-Malabeh, A. El-Hasan, T. Lataifeh, M. American Journal of Applied Sciences.6(7): 1308-1312.Science PublicationsJournal2009
Removal of Zn+2 Cu+2 and Ni+2 ions from aqueous solutions via Tripoli: Simple component with single phase model. El-Hasan, T. Al-Anbar, Z. Batarseh, M. Al-Naser, F. Al-Anbar, M Ziadat, A. Kato, Y. Jiries, A Current World Environment.3(1): 1-14.Journal2008
Lichens (Rhizocarpon geographicum) as Biomonitor for Atmospheric Pollution in Amman City, Jordan. Jiries, A. Batarseh, M. El-Hasan, T. Ziadat, A. Al-Naser, F. Environmental Bioindicators. 3(2):106-113.nternational Society of Environmental BioindicatorsJournal2008
The influence of Dead Sea on the chemistry and mineralogy characterestics of the dry deposition fallen over the eastern highlands, central Jordan. El-Hasan, T. Momani. K. Al-Nawayseh, J. Al-Nawayseh, K. Environmental Geology54(1):103-110.SpringerJournal2008
Geochemistry of the redox-sensetive trace elements and its implication on the mode of formation of the Upper Cretaceous oil Shale, Central Jordan.El-Hasan, T. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie Abh 249(3): 333-344.E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Nägele und Obermiller) Science PublishersJournal2008
Geochemistry of some Opaque Mineral Oxides Contained Within The Andesitic Dikes, Southern Jordan. Al-Malabeh, A. El-Hasan, T. Al Qadi, G. Al-Fugha, H. Abhath Al-Yarmouk "Basic Sci. & Eng." Vol. 17(1A): 111-126.Deanship of Scientific research, Yarmouk UniversityJournal2008
The Detection of Roadside Pollution of Rapidly Growing City in Arid Region Using the Magnetic Susceptibility and Saturation Magnetization as Proxies. El-Hasan, T. Environmental Geology54(1):23-29.SpringerJournal2008
Geochemistry and pertology of Al-Lajjoun Basaltic flows, South Jordan.El-Hasan, T. Al-Malabeh, A. Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences (JJEES). 1(2): 53-62.Deanship of Scientific research, The Hashemite UniversityJournal2008
Rare Earth Elements Geochemistry of the Cambrian shallow marine manganese deposits at Wadi Dana, South Jordan. El-Hasan, T. Al-Malabah, A. Kumoro, K.Jordan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences (JJEES). 1(1):45-52.Deanship of Scientific research, The Hashemite UniversityJournal2008
Geochemical dissociation of major and trace elements in bed and suspended sediment phases of the phosphate mines effluent water, JordanEl-Hasan, T. Environmental Geology51(4):621-629.SpringerJournal2006
Evaluation of the Effluent Water Quality Produced from Phosphate Mines in Central Jordan.Jiries, A. El-Hasan, T. Al-Hiwati, M. Seiler, K. P., Mine Water and the Environment. 23 (3): 133-137.SpringerJournal2004
Petrology and Geochemistry of Late Precambrian Magmatic Rocks from Southern Jordan. Al-Malabeh, A. Al-Fugha, H. El-Hasan, T. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie 233 (3) 333-350.Journal2004
Environmental Magnetism: The Implication of Initial Magnetic Susceptibility and Saturation Magnetization for Detecting Roadside Pollution in Arid Regions.El-Hasan, T. Lataifeh, M. Dirasat, Pure Sciences, 30 (2):191-202.Deanship of Scientific research, The University of JordanJournal2003
Volcanogenesis of Welded Pyrocalstic Rocks in Jabal Aritain volcano, Jordan. Al-Malabeh, A. Al-Fugha, H. El-Hasan, T.Abhath Al-Yarmouk, 12(2A): 345-361.Deanship of Scientific research, Yarmouk UniversityJournal2003
Qualitative Evaluation of the Mineralogical and Chemical Composition of the Settled Aeolian Dust Falling Over Central and Southern Highlands of Jordan. Jiries, A. El-Hasan, T. Manasrah, W., Comosphere. 48 (9):933-938.ElsevierJournal2002
Cypress Tree (Cupressus Semervirens L.) Bark as an Indicator for Heavy Metal Pollution in the Atmosphere of Amman City, Jordan. Environment InternationalEl-Hasan , T., Al-Omari, H., Jiries, A., and Al-Nasir, F., Environment International 28 (2002): 513-519.ElsevierJournal2002
Urban Geochemistry: Heavy Metals Distribution on the Soils of Relatively Heavy Industrial City of Sahab, Central Jordan.El-Hasan, T. Mu’tah Lil-Buhuth wad-Dirasat, Pure Sciences, Vol. 17 (3): 49-67.Deanship of Scvientific research, Mutah UniversityJournal2002
Geochemical and mineralogical related magnetic characteristics of the Tertiary – Quaternary (Um Al-Qutein) Basaltic flows from the basaltic field of Hara El-Jabban, Northeast Jordan. Al-Malabah, A. El-Hasan, T. Lataifah, M. O,Shea, M. Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter321(1-4): 396-403.ElsevierJournal2002
Differentiation between various manganese deposits of Jordan using magnetization measurments. El-Hasan, T. Lataifeh, M.AL-Manarah, Vol. 7(1): 71-86.Deanship of Scientific research, Al-Albeit UniversityJournal2001
Heavy Metal Distribution in Valley Sediments in Wadi Al-Karak Catchment Area, South Jordan. El-Hasan, T. Jiries, A.Environmental Geochemistry and Health Vol 23 (2): 105-116.SpringerJournal
Research TitleAuthorsJournalVolume & Page NumbersPublisherDOITypeYearAbstract