MUTAH University
Research Interest
Geochemistry of ore deposits
 Synchrotron light based soft X-rays application on Mineralogical and Geochemical studies.
 Environmental Impact Assessment
 Inorganic geochemistry of the Oil Shale.
 Geochemical Exploration
 Mineral chemistry of ore mineral phases.
 Standard Reference Materials
 K/T boundary geochemical and isotopic investigations.
 PGE geochemistry particularly the black shale - hosted.
 Environmental implication of the geochemical exploration methods.
 Environmental purification design using natural materials.
 Environmental Magnetism.
 Lithium Geochemistry
 Bio-gas generation by co-digestion process.
 Dead Sea Water Stratification, and Sedimentation.
 Brine Water Chemistry
 Climate Change tracing and adaptation
 Solid wastes management researches.